Acer Swift 7 review: The thinnest laptop in the world

Acer has introduced the Swift 7 weeks before the date some thinnest laptop in the world. In our Acer Swift 7 test, we have analyzed how everyday use, the new thinness with a laptop and what advantages and disadvantages of this thin design. Visually and qualitatively the Swift 7 is really successful, technically there are some weaknesses.

Acer Swift 7 review: The thinnest laptop in the world

Acer Swift 7 review: Thin Premium Laptop

The extremely thin design of the Acer Swift 7 is already impressive at first glance easy. Rarely have we seen such a slim case, the addition also still feels like quality. Here Acer definitely plays with in the league and creates with the rounding of the edges and sharp lines a special visual effect that makes the laptop look even slimmer. The entire housing is made of metal and the two-tone design in gold and black just fits on this laptop. Except for the glass of the display in the interior of all surfaces are kept dull. Thus, the golden color looks not too intrusive.

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Despite the matte surfaces but quickly notice that fingerprints are being attracted to magical. On the golden inside you do not see this though, but on the outer sides of the thin laptops. The black surface does not touch visible. This makes the Swift 7 looks after a very short time from tapped. The removal of fingerprints coincides with a cloth but very light. If you want to keep his laptop clean and new, which is probably for permanent employment.

Acer Swift-7 test bottom-q_giga

Although this is officially a unibody aluminum body, the bottom of the Acer Swift 7 but can be unscrewed. We later throw a look inside and will look at the possibilities for upgrading. Our review unit is equipped with an Intel Core i5-7Y54, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of internal storage. Of this amount, after the first start under Windows 10 212 GB at leisure. While the processor is Core i5, but it is a Y-chip, which was recently renamed i5 Core m5. How this affects the performance shows the performance test.

A big advantage is the economical Intel processor: The Acer Swift 7 works absolutely silently. It is heard no buzzing or fan noise. The only visible openings on the case include the two speakers - which are unfortunately blocked at the bottom. When the laptop is on a desk with a hard surface, the sound is surprisingly good. But If you set the laptop on a tablecloth or use it on a soft surface, the sound is attenuated considerably.

The Acer Swift 7 is indeed extremely slim built, the edges around the display fall compared to the competition but very broadly. The trend is currently, however, rather in another direction - for almost rimless style. As well as the outer dimensions are somewhat bigger than other Ultrabooks, which are equipped with 13.3-inch displays.

Above the display there is a HD webcam that provides a clear picture, at least in good lighting. The two microphones for a clean sound and are located below the display, where a Acer logo is housed. A small LED indicates when the webcam is enabled.

Keyboard without lighting

Acer Swift-7 test Keyboard q_giga

In keeping with the thin design of the Acer Swift 7, the keyboard keys are out very flat. The stroke is very short, the tap works by the good feedback and the sufficient resistance still very good. One gets along immediately and can type quickly with the touch typing. A big drawback is the lack of lighting for the keys. In the price range of 1,000 euros is part of the standard. Acer has informed us that had to be eliminated by the extremely thin design an illumination for the keyboard.

Acer Swift-7 Test power button-q_giga

Acer has continued to dispense the Swift 7 on its own power button and this simply integrated into the upper right corner as a normal key - where normally the key is "Delete". This finds its place next to it and is not as intuitively accessible. Acer has the power button, after all, set so that this does not respond when switched on. Otherwise you would turn off the Ultrabook always in the search for the "Delete" key. If you want to the power button to shut down, use the sleep mode or standby that could be even more of a concern.

Acer Swift-7 Test touchpad q_giga

The touchpad is located under the keyboard and has failed unusually broad. If you type normally with the touch typing, then you put inevitably the palm of the right palm on the touch pad. Although the system detects that you type, so that incorrect entries can be avoided, but if you only begins, it may well be that the mouse clicks when you put your hand carelessly on the Ultrabook. It should be but get used to over time.

Overall, the touchpad is embedded deeply into the housing so that an edge is formed in which accumulates over time certainly dirt. The mouse buttons are integrated into the touch surface, visually but not sold. The right and left mouse buttons work very precisely.

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No biometric sensors

Many of the new Windows devices come with biometric sensors that can be used under Windows 10 with Windows Hello. This is completely missing the Acer Swift 7th There is neither a special camera on the front that can be used for face recognition, even a fingerprint scanner, which is becoming increasingly popular in laptops. Acer has also informed us that a slightly revised version of the Swift 7 soon to be released, which is equipped with a fingerprint scanner on the touchpad.

USB Type C in Focus

The connections are clear: Twice USB Type C and a connector for headphones - all there is. Those who want to connect a standard USB stick, printer or monitor must use an adapter. A USB adapter is included so you can at least connect a standard USB device or a USB hub. The other line is believed to be mostly occupied by the AC adapter if you do not use the Ultrabook road, but on the desk. To connect to a network you would also need to buy a USB adapter. Wireless internet is but also on board, so to get wirelessly to the Internet. LTE does not support the Ultrabook.

Acer Swift-7 Test USB Type-C q_giga

Incomprehensible is the lack of a microSD or SD card slot. Windows Ultrabooks should be allowed to offer a memory card to insert to access photos or videos from the camera. If you want to read data from a microSD card, you have to buy a USB Type-C card reader or carry an adapter. Really thought through the waiver does not seem to be. Thus, the memory can not be expanded too.

Acer Swift 7: The display in the test

Acer Swift-7-Test display indoor q_giga

As mentioned above, the Acer Swift 7 is equipped with a display that has a diagonal of 13.3 inches. The size is very pleasant both for mobile working as well as on the desktop. The resolution of the IPS panels, however, is only 1,080 pixels at 1920 x. As the competition has partly higher resolutions, which provide for a sharper display. The calibration of the color is chosen to be very warm. For web pages to look a bit yellowish with white backgrounds. Photos and videos look through the calibration of natural and more colorful. This effect is supported by the reflecting surface.

The Acer Swift 7 has indeed no touch screen, which eliminates the finger operation, but is still on a glossy Gorilla Glass. This not only ensures the protection of the surface, but also for a high stability of the case - which is very important in this extremely thin design. So if you would like to have an extremely thin and light Ultrabook, has to live with this compromise.

Acer Swift-7-Test display q_giga

It is gratifying after all, that the IPS display has a fairly good brightness, so you can counteract the reflections something. The thick black frame around the display disturbs it nevertheless, because there reflections are presented without regard to the user. Who really wants to go to work with the Swift 7, which should perhaps buy a matte screen film. From my own experience I can say that the ease of use therefore extremely increases.

Acer Swift-7 Test unfolded-q_giga

The opening angle of the display is quite large, but provides some instability. If you fold 7 completely on the screen of the Acer Swift, it wobbles on the table. tipping over backwards it can not because the hinge is in the way. Nevertheless, the balance is disturbed in the state, so that the viewing of content can be disturbed.

Acer Swift-7-Test-paint-on-q_giga

Another drawback occurs when looking at the bottom. Actually rubber feet are to ensure that the aluminum housing has no contact with the floor space. By wobbles but that happens and the color precisely at the contact points is released. This must not happen and must be considered in the design actually. The rear rubber feet would probably just something must continue to be made in the margin.

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