How many countries are there in the world?

Anyone looking at an atlas or globe, will see that the Earth is divided into several continents where many countries are in turn to be found. Even in the continent, there are various definitions that include four to seven different continents. At the same time, the question arises: "How many countries are there in the world?"

How many countries are there in the world?

By National Geographic Society about seven continents are counted. Divided they are by definition in certain areas of the earth. The British Royal Geographical Society, however, only counts the six continents of Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica and Europe. In contrast to the last definition Australia is not out here as a separate continent. Other sources include even just four continents, Asia and Europe here are listed as one contiguous area.

How many countries are there in Europe and in the world?

Similarly unclear is the answer to the question of how many countries there are in the world. Certain countries that regard themselves as a state, are such. from the rest of the world as not considered own country, such as Taiwan.

  • To the question "How many countries are there?" To answer exactly one is generally directed to recognized by the United Nations states.
  • Currently, 194 countries are managed here.
  • This includes all UN members and the Vatican State.
  • The Church Vatican is the smallest state in the world. At the UN, the Vatican State has only a passive observer.
  • Some sources indicate even 195 countries. Even Palestine has observer status at the UN since 2012 found.
  • Apart from the recognized nations, there are other countries that are not recognized by the UN. This includes, for example, the Republic of Abkhazia, which is part of Georgia and the Republic of Somaliland.
  • In some nations, the nations location is also unclear. The Cook Islands in the Pacific have such. B. himself as declared independent, but are in a free association with New Zealand, which takes over some government functions for the archipelago.
  • In addition, the number of recognized nations varies by state. However, Germany does not recognize as the Kosovo as a separate country, the UN.
  • To Europe in 2015, 47 countries are counted.
shutterstock_342701600Approximately 195 countries are there in the world. However, the number varies depending on the acceptance of different nations.Start Photogallery(11 images)At these 10 signs her fake stores recognizes the Internet

How many countries are there?

Looking at the upcoming World Cup qualifiers in football, there is a difference between the FIFA members and recognized by the UN states. This results from the fact that FIFA leading countries, while the United Nations only counts States. For example, the independent in the FIFA national teams of Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales, with the UN as the only United Kingdom are conducted.

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