NieR Automata: store and enable fast travel – Here’s how

With NieR Automata a special action RPG that reaches new heights in terms of difficulty appears. Early in the game you will be namely informed that is not automatically saved. So you need a new way to save and unlock especially the quick trip to move you faster on the big map.

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NieR Automata is a beautiful to seeing RPG with an action-packed combat system and an engaging plot. especially the high difficulty despair can fans of the series &# 8211; it's a nice feeling to the Boss after hours but then defeated Has. is precisely in these moments autosave advantageous. but NieR Automata waived such frills. Rather, you must manually save &# 8211; and even that is severely limited. We show you how you can save in NieR Automata. In the same breath you read the following also the same as her fast travel can activate.

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Save and Fast Travel &# 8211; (Almost) everywhere possible

NieR Automata starts directly with a shock and tells you that the game does not support automatic saving. &# 8220; Find out for yourself how to save!&# 8221; And that's why you're still here, right? Before you can save but you have to enter the open world. For this, you fight first against three powerful machines. Did you beat them, you get into the bunker, where you will find a way home. This resistance camp you can always secure, if you 2B puts to bed. But leave it to the bunker and travels to ruined city, is no longer available to you this option.

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Here you have to be a AP Search, which you already marked in red on the map becomes. Is it a kind vending machines, the can use their later for rapid travel. Will you come to a new machine over, you have to get rid of machines it first. If that happens, can you permanently store in its radius. Radius? Yes, you heard right. Selects the map and look at the white circle around the access point to see where you have to stand to save.

Once you make the two magic words & quot; Save possible & quot; see above right, the store is ... well ... possible.Once you make the two magic words &Save possible; # 8220&# 8221; see above right, is&# 8230; oh well&# 8230, the collection possible.

Unlock Fast Travel: In the main story, it is activated by itself. That's what happens when you completed about 40 percent of the story have. For this you need later in the ruined city, because it is being attacked by giant machines. Did the quick trip enabled her, you can travel back and forth and thus quickly farming items, the you are missing. With every teleport to the place back, the Mechanical Engineering seem new again and you can defeat them again.

The should you not know this

  • You have total three reservoir levels. Click on their Quick save to an access point, the last save file is overwritten, you have backed up to the last time.
  • you find yourself within the memory circuit, you can create the menu under System and save a new save file.
  • turns her all access points free is almost the whole map with white circles covered, so you can save almost everywhere.
Frees the machines first of unnecessary machine before you can use it.Frees the machines first of unnecessary machine before you can use it.
  • You can not use the access point, if he is being attacked by machines. In this case, you have to defeat them first. If a machine under attack, you are experiencing the above e-mail or your pod. Do you want the way Pod find B and C Pod, we show you the elsewhere.
  • Do you want to quickly go to a place, you have also the access point. Is a place grayed out, you must first defeat this machine.

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