GData uninstall: Find it

If you want to uninstall GData Antivirus or GData Internet Security, it may happen that the programs are not completely or incorrectly removed. We show you how you can uninstall GData.

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GData can not be uninstalled

Basically, you can uninstall by default via the Control Panel of your programs in Windows. However, it comes here often to problems with antivirus software and similar tools. The reason: A virus scanner installed usually deep in the system registry entries and system directories, etc. A simple uninstall then not sufficient to remove the software completely.

GData can be uninstalled really thoroughly only with a special tool.GData can be uninstalled really thoroughly only with a special tool.

then you want to install or the virus scanner again using another virus scanner, it can come to the error message that even a virus scanner is installed, and you want but please first uninstall it. Antivirus manufacturers offer usually prepared a special uninstall tool for their anti-virus software.

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GData uninstall (Antivirus, Internet Security)

The uninstall tool that can remove from your PC you programs like GData Antivirus or Internet Security, called G Data AV Cleaner. It deletes the manufacturer all program remnants from the system that were not removed by the uninstall simple in Windows. so goes&# 8217; s:

  1. Invite you download the free tool G Data AV Cleaner.
  2. Double-clicks the file AVCleaner.exe.

    The AV Cleaner from GData away the remnants of the virus scanner.The AV Cleaner from GData away the remnants of the virus scanner.

  3. Click on the button Select All and confirm with Delete.
  4. The tool removes this registry entries leftover folder firewall rules etc.
  5. Restarts Windows after uninstalling GData.

Now you can either install GData again or use a different security software. If you are not sure which virus scanner it is to install, can stop by her Windows-10-Antivirus: What install antivirus software? Any error messages should no longer occur now and be resolved.

As you uninstall other antivirus:

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