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Googling has long since become the winged word for searching the web. But he who fears or after the unveiling of PRISM to its data anyway, does not feel right that Google summarizes the own searches to a profile can also look around for alternative search engines. Here are our top 5 Internet searches that are safe, anonymous, especially are &# 8211; do or even good.

Top 5: alternative search engines - better than Google

The information of Edward Snowden are far from definitively evaluated &# 8211; there are new revelations about the extent of the espionage activities of American intelligence NSA weekly. In Search Engine and Bing (Microsoft) and Yahoo in addition to Google concerned that grant access to their data (have to).

And yet Google in this country remains almost monopolist: The latest figures from August 2013 show that around 90 percent of all requests for information about Google in Germany run. Bing is the first tracker with 3 percent, behind it nearly on par, Yahoo Search and T-Online, and Co (but the trigger just the Google search). There are plenty of alternatives, of course, ReadWrite lists only 100 alternative search engines. But basically you need only one that is really safe and gives good results. Here are our Top 5th

Top 5: alternative search engines

1. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGoAfter the spy revelations anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo has experienced a real boom. Here no requests are logged, the results from different search engines (including Yahoo) and are aggregated. DuckDuckGo can be set to German, ensures security, looks good and provides very useful results. Disadvantage: No picture or video search.

 2. Start Page / Ixquick

startpageWho does not want to give up the Google results and their quality and still remain unrecognized, simply takes Start Page, which delivers the usual results of the search engine giant, but will track any requests. With Ixquick, the Dutch parent company also offers an equally anonymous meta-search engine, brings together the results of different search engines. Both alternatives include a picture and video search and be completely in German before.

3. Metager

MetaGerThe meta search engine Metager has been around longer than Google: Since 1996, the project of the University of Hanover is developed, the results come from 30 search engines, you can even choose &# 8211; including Yahoo, several scientific search engines and P2P search network YaCy. Metager the IP address anonymous already during the search, there will be no personalized data stored. The design is a little dusty, the search is not the fastest, but the results are sustainable and everything is completely safe.

4. Blekko

blekkoBlekko wants to keep especially spam and link exchange pages from search results &# 8211; and so be an alternative in terms of quality. Started from rich skrenta that founded the Open Directory Project (DMOZ), Blekko provides a variety of additional functions, which can be switched on using the slash symbol. Cons: Is not in German before, has &# 8220; only&# 8221; three billion pages indexed &# 8211; the sure everyone is safe and well.

5. Ecosia, Bene Find and Co.

EcosiaAnyone who wants to do good even in seeking equal has several options on German available. Inquiries at Ecosia (formerly Forestle) help the rainforest in Brazil. The Berlin-based start-up attacks mostly on the Yahoo / Bing results back (is it only the IP address and requests to such partners), and planted trees for this. The charity search engine plane Find works with Yahoo algoritmus. 1 cent will be donated to an NGO Pro Search &# 8211; you can choose yourself. As another alternative Gikayo provides the usual Google results, but that raises money for animal welfare.

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