For Honor: Guardian Guide for versatile warriors

The guard is a very balanced fighter in For Honor. You may well stick with it the front, damage hold and can turn powerful without being too sluggish. We show you on this page, what are the skills and specialties of the Guardian and what should know her all for winning the battle.

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In For Honor of the guards was one of the first classes that were presented. You can play the hero as a man or a woman and be there with your long sword one of the most versatile fighter on the battlefield. The game ranks as guardian easy and therefore it is an ideal character for the introduction to the complex combat system of For Honor.

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For Honor: Guide to the Guardian

With the guard you are not alone a good warrior, you motivate the NPCs around you and you can by killing enemy NPCs heal itself. Especially this ability makes you to perfect frontline fighters. Do you have anything must plug in the fight against another hero, you can just kill with a few quick attacks the NPCs and are quickly back on his feet. Concentrate on attacks with your shoulder, so you can bring unexpected composure opponent.

For Honor the GuardianPrepare for battle!

The capabilities of the Guardian / the Guardian

Guardian will not squeamish approached their opponents. Due to the large range of the long sword, they can reach the enemy without coming too close. In addition a variety of attack chains which can round out their time with stun attacks. What skills have the guards, you can see from our table or the screenshots:

Strike Team AttackR1 / RB, R1 / R2 and RB / RTThe longest chain attack the guard.
Protector attackR1 / R2 and RB / RTA short distracting attack followed heavy attack.
Wrath of the GuardianR2 / R2 and RT / RTTwo strong attacks one after another.
failure batL3 + R1 / RBTakes a step to the side and beat (not in cover mode).
Devastating KonterschlagRight stick upwardly and R1 / RBReverses a blocked attack.
shoulder ChargeLeft stick + X / A and square / XFantastic on your opponent and stuns him short.
Shoulder Bump varietyR1 / RB, rectangle / X and R1 / RBAfter a quick attack you can stun your opponent and then attack again.
For Honor GuardHere you see the capabilities of the monitor at a glance.

In addition to the solid attack chains of the Guardian, he also has a strong counterattack and several stunning blows, which you should absolutely use. Through the thick armor of the guards occasionally somewhat cumbersome, which is why you should use the shoulder joints to you to give a little more time. In addition, this surprise most opponents, since they can be easily attached to the end of an attack.

The gifts of the Guardian

Like the other heroes of the guards has to Level 1 four gifts, which are useful to him on the battlefield. Over time, can you further eight administrations unlock when you ascend in the Guardian Level. If you are in a larger game (domination or destruction), can you collect fame, order your enable gifts. Reaches its higher level with the hero, you can switch between the individual gifts, so you can get the most for you. These are the first four doses of the Guardian:

  • Body Snatcher: Your health regenerates when you kill NPCs. (First upgrade: conqueror - it conquered zones faster)
  • inspiring: Your inspires allies in your district, which cause them more damage.
  • Second air: You can restore some of your health.
  • Catapult: Your requests a catapult attack, inflicts what great damage in the target area.
For Honor Guardian TraitsThese are the first four doses of the Guardian in For Honor.

In our video, we demonstrate one of the Turtorials about the Guardian:

440For Honor: Introduction Video Guardian

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