Amazon Marketplace: Buying and selling in the market place

The online marketplace Amazon should be divided into two large deals. On the one hand goods are sold directly from Amazon and shipped. In addition, linked to Amazon is the so-called "Amazon Marketplace". If you purchase one here, there are some other rules, as when directly through Amazon. In addition, you can use the marketplace to sell their own goods through Amazon.

Article on the marketplace are not traded directly with Amazon. Rather, these are a marketplace in which independent third parties may bring their goods and products to the man while putting on the reach of Amazon &# 8211; similarly, as is the case on eBay.

Deals of the Day on Amazon*

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Amazon Marketplace: Buy from third parties

marketplace amazonThe look of the Market Place offers

Offers for Marketplace items can be found in general below the product description on an Amazon product page. Here both new and used goods can be sold and bought. Not infrequently, the price for Marketplace items is below the current Amazon price, but here you have such. B. additional shipping costs usually count of 3 €, with the purchase price.

  • Ordering information in marketplace is no different from normal Amazon purchase.
  • You place the desired product to the cart and executes the order as usual.
  • Amazon then forwards the order to the market place sellers on.
  • The payment is made directly through Amazon by the deposited cash. A direct payment to the market place traders should not be performed.
  • Requests for goods or to the delivery time and other information to purchase must be obtained directly from the manufacturer.
  • The return and warranty are not handled through Amazon, but via the Marketplace sellers.

For problems with the dealer for. As an article that did not reach you, you can check out but turn directly to Amazon. This is where, under certain circumstances, the A-to-Z Guarantee *Amazon Marketplace: Buying and selling in the market place. Many items in Amazon Marketplace will also be sent directly through Amazon.

Stuff on Amazon Marketplace sale: how it works

amazon sellIn addition, you have the opportunity to sell their own products on the Amazon Marketplace. This requires a seller account with the online retail giant, which can set up their here *Amazon Marketplace: Buying and selling in the market place. The account, among other data, credit card, phone number, company, and other contact information must be stored.

Do you want individual items through Amazon sell at Market Place, the appropriate product page controls. In the upper right area then the button will "sell on Amazon". After logging in with your Amazon login information can describe her your offer and indicate the state of the goods. After specifying the product data is displayed you how much to charge Amazon withholds for the sale. In a marketplace sales of FIFA 16 in the PS4 version with a price of 50 € about € 9.50 transaction fees by Amazon plus 1.81 € VAT will be retained and € 3 additional for the shipping costs, which are borne by you, credited.


In addition to the market place there is also the Amazon warehouse deals where you can save even more.

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