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Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG that kidnapped you in the open world of Albion, experienced in their varied and successful adventure. Here you are going through a completely open nature of the system and can you ever change your mind, einschlagt which way her. Become a hero and explorer in a medieval fantasy world and be present at the birth of a new world.

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Albion online

Albion Online dispenses entirely with a class system. Instead, your playing style depends on which equipment you wear. You want to be a warrior? Upgraded sword, shield and armor plate made. A magician? No problem: wand and light robes. peek your opponents as an archer with arrows? Also you can do in Albion her. Nevertheless, your strength comes somehow by experience. You can complete handles, disorder, or work more often to eventually expand your skills in the corresponding area.

Albion Online: You are what you eat wearing ...Albion Online: You are what you eat&# 8230; wear

A specialization can you seek nonetheless. So Albion Online has similar Path of Exile a talent tree where her passive skills can choose, just as you think it your style of play fit. be Unlocked it by use of the actions and

Albion Online: Fantasy at the time of the Dark Ages

albion oxeAlbion Online is another sandbox MMORPG that seems to be the developers so popular these days. If you have survived the wave of Asian MMOs from a few years ago, highlight the &# 8220; player-driven&# 8221; games where the community determine Trade and increasingly to the fore.

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No longer is the grind aspect in the foreground, but the desire for exploration and construction. Players make entire cities by hand, make their own equipment here, take caravans through the game world and trade in realistic and dynamic economic cycles, which are also determined by the players. You can decide for yourself what resources you want you specialize and then you can sell them at market places to retract profits.

Albion Online: Each house is built of players and furnishedAlbion Online: Each house is built of players and furnished

But even a PvP element should not be missing in Albion Online. This is provided by the fantasy setting that is in the scene of Albion Online's (lat. Albus, -a, -um = white, based on the White Cliffs of Dover, who saw the Romans at the first crossing of the North Sea), all sorts of possibilities. Struggle for territorial claims, a member of a clan has changed pushes the wrong sheep, or do you want just once reburied your ax in another player.

Albion Online: founder and new players

Albion Online was a long time in testing phase. There, players were able to get a whiff in the MMORPG by the founder own claim in &# 8220; White Country&# 8221; staked out. Overall, there were three founders packages with which you could support the development of Albion Online, available:


  • Start of the summer-Alpha: 09/15/2014
  • Access to winter Alpha
  • Head start
  • Participate in the closed beta (Lvl 1)
  • 12,000 Gold (= $ 50)
  • 90 days Premium Membership
  • In-game Item founder Certificate
  • Golden nametag
  • Golden Ring Avatar
  • Legendary explorers equipment
  • Binoculars Explorer's
  • Horse Explorer's
  • Oxcart Explorer's
  • Statue Explorer's


  • Start of the summer-Alpha: 09/16/2014
  • Access to winter Alpha
  • Participate in the closed beta (Lvl 2)
  • 4500 Gold (= $ 20)
  • 60 days Premium Membership
  • In-game Item founder Certificate
  • silver Nametag
  • Silver ring Avatar
  • Epic explorers equipment
  • Binoculars Explorer's
  • Participate in the closed beta
  • 2000 Gold (= $ 10)
  • 30 days Premium Membership
  • In-game Item founder Certificate
€ 99.99€ 49.99€ 29.99

Have not you joined the founders, you can buy you the game for 29.99 € and start so directly. After that will be no additional costs if you decide for the free-to-play version. However, there is a premium subscription, which you can get different bonuses. This will get her for gold coins that can be bought with real money. Alternatively, you can through your trade but also silver obtained, which can be converted into gold. So you are a hard-working craftsmen, can you set yourself a subscription, without paying money.

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