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Desktop camcorder can be recorded with the video and audio directly from the desktop.

In which download HyperCam is it is a desktop camcorder, so a tool that can record all activities on the desktop of a computer. The recordings can then be stored as AVI, WMV or ASF file. HyperCam for example, can be used to record a movie during playback or a game while playing. Also, you can record with the tool via Skype incurred video calls and create video presentations, tutorials or demo videos.

Hypercam download

Characteristics of HyperCam

The HyperCam Download has a modern and user-friendly interface, even for the various actions that can be carried out with the program, pre-defined keyboard shortcuts. The software also features a built-in video editor and an interface to the command line. HyperCam only occupies a small space and can also be used in portable devices.

Audio recording and video editing in HyperCam

In addition to video conversations and audio conversations can be recorded with HyperCam download, the tool is also able to encode these then. Recorded video clips, you can visually organize the program. The editing features of HyperCam include cutting and joining AVI files with K-Frame accuracy and cutting and joining WMV and ASF files with frame accuracy.

The version offered here 4 of HyperCam HyperCam 2 is the successor of which is not developed any further, but is available as freeware as before.


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