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It could be so easy: Order in ALDI Online Shop grill, sleeping bag, garden furniture, beds or mattresses. There should be enough, the offer in ALDI Nord ALDI Süd prospectus or prospectus to view and decide on the basis of advertising, what you want to have it delivered to. But is that even possible? Is there an ALDI Nord ALDI Süd or online shop? Read the following guide, which you should know if you want to order at ALDI online.

Lure you ALDI Süd offers? Have you found something in the prospectus, which want to buy it in any case, but its transportation is rather inconvenient for you? Many customers of the popular German food discounter looking for a way to have them delivered things such as garden furniture or beds of ALDI. ALDI garden furniture order online and not to leave the house for sounds like a good service. After the company even offers with ALDI Talk LTE own fast wireless service plan, and you can pay at the discount store with credit cards you should an online store ALDI nothing stand in the way, right?

ALDI Süd Online Shop - Can you order from ALDI online?

For those who want to order the sale of ALDI Süd online, we have a bad and good news. The bad news: If you want to order from ALDI Online will be disappointed. While there is on the website of the online store ALDI Süd riders here, but is that the company so far sees no possibility to deliver the goods because of their high quality and their freshness. In Australia and the UK there is an ALDI online store. this service is proven in practice test, it could mean that you also can soon buy online in Germany ALDI offers.

ALDI has the most loyal customers or the discounter has now been trumped by another supermarket? Where the Germans prefer to buy, learn it in the pictures below.

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Meanwhile, more offers at ALDI online have been added:

  • ALDI supplies: Meanwhile your shopping at ALDI you will come home. So far, the service will, however, only offered by ALDI. Customers can buy products in the store and get a credit-Bon PIN that must be entered online or by telephone. Subsequently, ALDI reports to arrange the delivery date.
  • ALDI green electricity: After entering your zip code on the official ALDI website you can see whether your cheap green electricity from Swiss hydroelectric power can relate from discounters.
Mattress ALDI Online StoreEven though there is neither bed nor mattress in ALDI online store, you can order it from other vendors comfortable home. © via Shutterstock

So it looks with the ALDI online shopping from rather poor. However, available at ALDI laboratory equipment of the MEDION brand you can order online at many other providers:

Best on

ALDI Nord Online Shop

Even customers from ALDI Nord to give up a delivery service and an ALDI Nord shop in the traditional sense. ALDI Nord, however, emphasized that the company offers a different way digital service. Thus, by ALDI Blumenservice Bouquets are sent or you via app the nearest branch are displayed.

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ALDI services - but an online store?

So all customers have to do without the ALDI store on the Internet. Provides the discount online at:

  • ALDI Photo Service: ALDI offers a website, make on her your photo prints, murals, calendars, and other gifts and can delivery at home you.
  • ALDI lifeThe new online site contains its own Videpspiel platform (ALDI Life Games) and there are eBooks and music to download and stream offered.
  • ALDI Blumenservice: Do you want to make someone a colorful joy can send her bouquets and even potted plants from ALDI. On the specially built for this purpose website there are already proposed bouquets for any occasion such as birthday.
ALDI Süd ALDI Nord Travel Travel© potowizard via Shutterstock
  • ALDI Travel: May it be a relaxing or adventurous holiday at an affordable price, the offer of Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd also united on a special website. On is something for every taste: it offered swimming trips, city tours, cruises and other options.
  • Aldi talk: The mobile phone business of discounter also offers various online services. So you can interrogate and charge ALDI Talk, for example, your bank balance.

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Ollt order their food and Co. online and leave you home delivery, there are, among others, these alternatives to ALDI Online Shop:

  • Rewe online store
  • Penny Online Store
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Edeka delivery service *
  • Kaufland
  • real

In addition, you can with the ALDI App create the shopping list for the next purchase or set you a reminder e-mail that informs you when your favorite products are back to ALDI offer. What have you been at ALDI ordered online? Or would you just in a "real" or ALDI Süd ALDI Nord online shop?

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