WhatsApp update: How it works! (APK Download)

You're not sure you whether your WhatsApp for Android is currently, or at least the possibility of WhatsApp to upgrade? For such a problem, there are the appropriate tips in this article!

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Messenger WhatsApp can you update several ways. The Play Store Google offers the right features for this. With different settings to WhatsApp updated automatically.

WhatsApp update: What update options are there?

There is also an app that you can pull the latest WhatsApp version of the server, the developer if the Play Store version should be out of date. So you come immediately to enjoy the latest features and security updates. Show yourselves WhatsApp that it needs to be updated, you'll find the right functions for this purpose in the Play Store of Google. Opens for the Play Store on your device, go to "My Apps" and scroll down to the bottom, where you should find the Messenger. Tap on this and calls the product page. With the menu button of your device or the menu button at the top right of the screen you get into the settings. Here you can specify whether the app will update automatically &# 8211; or not. In addition, you also get on our product page of WhatsApp for Android to the latest versions to download!

You can find this menu directly from the You can find this menu directly from the "WhatsApp" -Produktseite the Play StoreWhatsApp MessengerdownloadQR codeWhatsApp MessengerDeveloper: WhatsApp Inc.Price: Free Start Photogallery(5 pictures)recall WhatsApp message: Instructions

WhatsApp update: Which network, apps should update?

Do you want that apps like WhatsApp to update only via Wi-Fi, you must go into the settings of the Google Play Store. This can you call "Settings", with the same menu, you set it with the app itself will automatically update.

You can find this menu in the Google Play Store under You can find this menu in the Google Play Store under "Settings"

Update WhatsApp: Check version via app

Sometimes it takes a while to Google Play Store provides the respective updates. However, the developer of the Messengers offer the new versions immediately on its website, so you come immediately to enjoy the new features! However, a regular manual control can be very tiring. That's why we recommend you "update WhatsApp" the app from the Play Store. With it you can check regularly to see if an update for WhatsApp exists, without having to visit for even the homepage WhatsApp. The app was not found in the store. Product Image via Shutterstock editing by Martin Malischek RELATED LINKS WhatsApp:

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