Ozzy Osbourne dead: lead singer is explained on Twitter for dead

On Twitter the message circulated that Ozzy Osbourne was dead. Fans of the Prince of Darkness and the band Black Sabbath are unsettled. What goes into the tweet about the death of Ozzy Osbourne? We'll tell you if it is a fake message.

Ozzy Osbourne dead: lead singer is explained on Twitter for dead

Father of five and Black Sabbath singer John Michael &# 8220; Ozzy&# 8221; Osbourne's dead. That is a tweet on Twitter. Regularly circulate reports of the death of the musician - also on Facebook. Is it time also a hoax?

In the following video you learn what you should know about hoaxes on Facebook:
359828Hoaxes on Facebook

Ozzy Osbourne dead &# 8211; Hoax on Twitter

The death rumor of the British musician, who was at home in the heavy metal and hard rock, reaching millions of people in the Twitter network. Allegedly, the father of Kelly Osbourne and husband of Sharon Osbourne has died. It was confirmed that at the death of Ozzy Osbourne is nothing to it. True to Ozzy:

&# 8220; I do not know if I'm a living legend, I'm at least alive.&# 8221; (Ozzy Osbourne)

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Before her rumors be believed, just check in a new browser window when news portals the veracity of the shock message. Ozzy is touring in 2016 even with his band Black Sabbath by Germany. Where you can see live Ozzy and how do you get tickets, you read our article Black Sabbath Tour 2016 in Germany: Tickets now available, date, location.

Ozzy Osbourne dead

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Hoax at the expense of the King of Heavy Metal Ozzy is not dead

Be careful when you encounter these fake messages. Although at first seemingly legitimate sources such as n-tv and ProSieben are given, you should remain wary. Especially if there are grammatical and spelling errors in the message, it is often a fake. Avoid clicking on the messages. Otherwise you could fall victim to phishing on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Often these fake messages are written with a criminal background: Hacker seeking access to your personal information to bombard you with either spam or to empty your accounts in extreme cases. Almost every celebrity has died on the Internet incorrectly. So even rumors about the death of Till Schweiger, Leonardo DiCaprio, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Elyas M'Barek.

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