What is dual boot? Easily explained

Those who want to combine the advantages of multiple operating systems, you can set up a dual-boot system, such as Windows and Linux. But what is actually dual boot? We tell you what the term means.

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What is dual boot? Easily explained

Dual Boot is an abbreviation for a dual-boot system. In order for a PC is meant on the two operating systems are installed. This is often necessary as intended functions or software are supported only by a particular operating system. To install an operating system next to another, can I use two separate hard drives. Otherwise, two operating systems can also set up two partitions of the disk.

In general, both operating systems will recognize the other operating system, so there will be no complications. Dual-boot systems are usually also set up so that both operating systems can access the same files and their own personal folder, but that requires some planning.

Dual Boot: The user selects to start the operating system during the boot process.Dual Boot: The user selects to start the operating system during the boot process.

At startup, the user then using boot manager to choose which operating system they want to start. Either the Windows or about the Linux boot manager is called Grub used.

As an example, the following dual-boot systems are possible:

  • Windows and Linux: This combination is often used by Linux fans. The primary OS is Linux. Windows is used for playing and for certain programs that have not been developed for Linux, such as Photoshop.
  • Windows 7 and Windows 10:  This combination is likely to be quite interesting now. Windows 10 is being tested as a new operating system and used while Windows 7 is used for all tasks that 10 no longer work on Windows because of compatibility issues. See also: Windows 10 program is not working or crashes - What to do?

Note: A PC with more than two operating systems is also known as multi-booting.

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Alternative to dual-boot systems

An alternative to dual-boot systems are virtual PCs. While a second operating system running on the primary operating system in a standard Windows window, see, for example, Windows 10 install VirtualBox - how it works. However PCs come with powerful hardware quickly reach their limits. A dual-boot system running because usually faster.

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  • What is dual boot? Easily explained


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