Mouse bungees: Luxury for the desktop at a glance

With mouse bungee situation is a little like having mechanical keyboards: First, the meaning does not reveal the newcomer, they have been but once in use, one would generally not be without it. We tell you why Mouse bungees are a great invention because they facilitate the handling of the PC &# 8211; and which devices are particularly worthwhile for acquisition.

Mouse bungees: Luxury for the desktop at a glance

Mouse bungees: What the cable holders are actually good?

A mouse bungee is usually from Plastic or metal,. Important feature is the elongated arm of soft rubber or hard plastic, in which the mouse cable clamped or -klemmt.

mouse-bungee2A mouse bungee offers some advantages:

  • The mouse cable is out of the way or get tangled up in other cables or objects on the desktop.
  • The desk looks much neater.
  • On top of that cable, which are moved across the table, collect a lot of dust and must be cleaned frequently. This is much less problematic with a mouse bungee.
  • A slide down the cable from the desk is so also prevented. Slips down the mouse cable, you have to usually pull a little stronger to move the mouse backward. This is felt especially by players as annoying.

A Mouse Bungee is fixed from a kind of bottom plate under greater base. At the bottom, a non-slip material is thereby usually again so that the bungee not back on the desk and herwandert.

In the upper part of one arm is attached, which usually measures several centimeters and the cable can be clamped. It is then positioned so that the mouse the whole mouse pad &# 8220; navigate&# 8221; can be, without the cable loops forms or spans.

Particularly computer players put such aid is a happy, to prevent that the cable is in the way or back slide off the table and so restricts the freedom of movement.

175320Therefore, a mechanical keyboard (Video) worth

Mouse bungees for every purpose: Purchase recommendations

On the Amazon product page of the bungees from Razer, users complain about the lack of cable management.On the Amazon product page of the bungees from Razer, users complain about the lack of cable management.

Although it is certainly not rocket science to produce a mouse bungee, some things you have to consider it in any case. So it is important that the cable management works well and is also designed for the typically slightly thicker mouse cable. So although there is a model from Razer *Mouse bungees: Luxury for the desktop at a glance, this we can not fully recommend, because the cable guide is designed only here to thin cable you though.

Lioncast MB10 on Amazon*

If you want to use as a USB hub, the mouse bungee same time, you can with a clear conscience to the Lioncast MB10 *Mouse bungees: Luxury for the desktop at a glance fall back on. Four USB ports brings the bungee. However, the cable arm could be one or the other user little too soft &# 8211; for the HUB will light blue! We even have the MB10 even in use and are very happy with it.


mouse-bungee2If it does not take a USB hub on the desk &# 8211; or you already have one &# 8211; you can also rely on a somewhat noble-looking model. The Zowie-CAMADE bungee looks chic and could convince us in practical tests. The cable management works so well &# 8211; especially the long arm we liked.

Zowie Camade on Amazon*


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Programmable gaming mouse LM20 of Lioncast Amazon*

display display*

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