Forgot Windows administrator password – what to do?

The main account of Windows is an administrator account in most cases and often it is secured with a password. Shortly after booting you will be prompted for their administrator password and you forget that, you are at an impasse.

Forgot Windows administrator password - what to do?

The moment one is faced with the problem without the password not being able to use the computer, which, inter alia, means that you can not search for a solution. And we find a solution, then you can also not use because you do not have access to a CD-burning program. But perhaps one has even slept not and can remember but ...

Forgot Windows Administrator Password: Helps a memory?

In the Windows User Account Control, you can enter their password, change it or even remove. The latter, of course, only if you can enter the current password as well. What should be used but in any case, is the so-called password hint.

administrator password password hintDid you forget the administrator password, the password hint helps &# 8211; if you have created it!

The password hint can be a word, a whole sentence &# 8211; just something that can bring back the memory of the password. However, he should not be selected so that any old computer user guesses it. Here you can quiet a bit of thinking outside the box. Alternatively, it is worth certainly, if you use a password manager. So you can secure passwords of all kinds and also Creating comments. Manage and protect passwords so that you have access to again and again. However, should that be more of a tipĆ¼p for the future for most readers of this Artikesl.

The password reset disk

Also found in the User Account Control is the option of a &Password reset disk; # 8220&# 8221; to create. Of course, this need not be a floppy disk, DVD or CD. It also reaches a USB flash drive or any other drive. And if you really fails times a login because you have forgotten the administrator password, you can dialog &# 8220; Logon failure&# 8221; on &Reset; # 8220&# 8221; click.

Then you have the USB flash drive with a small file called &# 8220; userkey.psw&# 8221; Insert and the system can recognize that one is really entitled to reset the current password. After the two-time entering a new password to regain access has on the system. But beware! This has also anyone who has this USB stick! is useful in such a case even when the file sends itself to a mail account, which can be reached via Webmail. Then you can at any time pull on a stick and use it without ever having to have it.

restore the Windows 8 password

In Windows 8, the admin access can indeed be restricted in various ways. For example, by an image code and / or password. If you have Windows 8 forgotten their password, there are still to get access to the system again different ways. In a separate article we explain how to restore a Windows 8 password. In the most complicated case his password you but to hack here. This is not overly complicated, but requires at least access to another computer with which to get still isn Internet and with which you can burn CDs. There is also a bright spot: If it is not in the lost password for the local account, but the password for the Microsoft account, you can on the website of reset their password.

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