Titanium Case 2 in the test: Minimalist Shooter and robot Bromance – now with test video!

With titanium case 2 falls literally a chunk of sky that can shake the competition. The new game from Electronic Arts and developer Respawn Entertainment has what it takes to become the best shooter of the year. Why is that, you can find out in my test.

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What Electronic Arts has this thinking? On the right now where Battlefield and Call of Duty fight again for the crown in the shooter genre, another challenger appears with titanium case. 2 Part 1 at the time was already a critically acclaimed, unfortunately, the sales figures remained but fell short of expectations. When titanium case 2 will exist alongside the competition, including an excellent game has to be behind the title. And fortunately it does.

The campaign

Unlike the predecessor is in titanium Case 2 a real single-player campaign. In it, you take on the role of protecting Jack Cooper with dreams of becoming a pilot for Frontier Militia, which is at war with the IMC. What the two warring parties is different and why ever war is waged seems to play no role. As a generic space soldier to shoot up to other generic Space soldiers. It comes as it must come: the trained pilots of the Frontier Militia defeated by the IMC. Now it's up to Newbie Cooper to climb the Titan of his former mentor and have the IMC alone in their place.

The Titan BT will grow you in the course of the campaign inevitably to the heart.The Titan BT will grow you in the course of the campaign inevitably to the heart.

Why the campaign can convince despite the thin story is primarily due to the relationship between Cooper and his Titan BT. With its endearing mechanical way, he has grown fond of me quickly and always provides wonderfully dry sense of humor. With his inability to understand human emotions and expressions he remembers it even now and then to Leonard "Mr. Spock&# 8221; Nemoy, not least because of his very similar-sounding voice in the English version. In the German translation to BT unfortunately sounds like you should urgently give him a cough drop and a cup of hot tea. This is the German version lost a lot of atmosphere. Who's command of English, so attacks necessarily to the original version.

Playful can totally convincing Titanfall second Like its predecessor, sets the game to lightning-fast fighting, acrobatic Wallruns, and ultra-precise control. The shootings feel beautiful great, and as soon as Cooper is on board his Titans, they are more tactical. Unlike the nimble pilots cumbersome titans must consider not only the right equipment, but also use the level architecture to their advantage. In addition, Titans do not heal by themselves, but rely on green-glowing batteries now and then distributed in the level and decide especially in the duel titanium against titanium victory and defeat - as if you are facing one of the five bosses ,

Thanks Wallrun the shootings play particularly dynamic.Thanks Wallrun the shootings play particularly dynamic.

The level architecture is another strength of the campaign. Although the areas are mostly linear, the numerous possibilities to move by Wallrun or double jump through the often very vertical level but yet caring for right feeling of freedom. In addition, the levels are very logical and loosen the Shootings on with well placed puzzles and jump-and-run passages. My highlight is the visit to an IMC research station where I can change a button between two various denne time levels. This reveals not only roads that are passable only in one of the two levels of time, but can weigh me tactically if I want to measure in the past with soldiers of the IMC me dear, or with those nasty alien beasts that in the future about their carcasses pounce.

Such as titanium case has changed the shooter genre

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The multiplayer mode

"Fast, perfectly balanced intensive and just extremely funny&# 8221 ;, it is at the GIGA test for the first titanium case. Titanium Case 2 could be summed up with exactly the same words, yet it has managed developer Respawn Entertainment to put the multiplayer pie still on top of the icing. Also on board the well-known game modes are still Attrition, Last Titan Standing, Capture The Flag, Pilots vs. Pilots and Hardpoint Domination. The latter works like the well-known flags conquer from Battlefield, titanium case 2, the conquered sectors can however also reinforce and buy now on twice as many points. This mode of gaining tactical of additional claim, I have to decide now is whether it makes more sense to continue to defend their own sector or to advance directly to the next sector.

In multiplayer Six different Titans to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.In multiplayer Six different Titans to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

New are the two modes Bounty Hunt and Coliseum are. In the former, you collect by shooting down enemy pilots, titanium and numerous AI opponents money that is not immediately backed up, but not until the regularly opening banks must be paid. The team that first earned $ 5,000 wins. Accordingly, a lot of caution you should exercise, because who is shot with plump stuffed purse on the way to the bank, of course, gets nothing. Coliseum, however, sends you into player vs. player battle on an empty platform without any cover possibility. The first player lands three hits, wins the duel. Coliseum is above all a feast for players of the old school who have already taken care of in the '90s with railgun and rocket launchers on the Quake servers in the world of fear and terror. However, access to the Coliseum costs 10 credits per match.

Credits You automatically earn in every match. A completed match donated a credit, a won match two and a good performance in the match will be rewarded with a third credit. Every now and then you will receive credits in special gift boxes in which can also put banners or badges. The credits also weapons and skills can buy out, however, patient player dispense as these are also activated automatically with the appropriate level. The weapons and skills of the pilots can be combined freely, however, the Titans are only six pre-made versions. However, this is not a disadvantage because each Titan has thus clearly defined strengths and weaknesses and the games are so balanced fair in each constellation.

Titanium Case 2 - guide to all Achievements and Trophies

My Test Result for Titan Case 2


was as titanium case 2 advertised in advance for his special relationship between pilot and titanium, my head turned to the reserved for PR phrases draft. The more surprised I was that the game can actually convince in exactly this point. BT is the most lovable artificial intelligence has sung in a game since GLaDOS in Portal in my heart. And beyond infected by the trenchant dialogues on level architecture to text overlays on the loading screens so much love in the campaign that you can not be mad because of his plates story of the game as well. While playing I felt at various shooter classics like Half-Life, Quake and system reminds Shock, and the experience of the developers who worked on the first Modern Warfare, you can feel throughout the season, which, however, tight with five hours is.

The multiplayer builds on the strengths of its predecessor targeted and technically and playful is one of the best online shooting games, which are currently erhätlich. The precise control of the vertical movement, the high game speed and the successful combination of pilot and Titan gameplay funkionieren still great and perfectly combine classic and modern shooter virtues. Who is still not convinced of titanium Case 2 now, let me tell you that the game has neither a real money-shop for extra credits, nor a Season Pass and thus all content on will be made available for free, sooner or later. 2 so decides titanium case, the fight against Battlefield and Call of Duty not only playing for themselves, but also financially.

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