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The TreeSize Free Portable Download brings you the portable edition of tools for detailed analysis of hard disks and other data storage devices, which helps you figure out which files and folders consume on your disks the most disk space.

With the TreeSize Free Portable Download can you leave you the disk usage choose to display a detailed view or in a tile chart. The call of the program is optional via the context menu of a drive or folder. Also, network drives and local synchronized cloud drives are supported, with exceptions drives on Windows servers and Windows domain. Even mobile devices such as smartphones are supported by the program.

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TreeSize-Free Portable

identify memory hogs by detailed analysis: TreeSize Free Portable Download

By means of a Windows Explorer provides the similar representation you TreeSize Free Portable the size of every subfolder the space occupied by the file system on. Here you can see very large folders using a gradient bar and you can space usage analyze the file level down. In the column view her more information gets to the folder such as size and number of files, owners and last access date.

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Means of filters you can search the scan results continue. So you can let search only for files of a certain type and isolate such as temporary files, text files or graphics files, more specifically to find files of a certain type and analyze with TreeSize Free Portable.

TreeSize Free Portable is the portable edition of the installation version of the program that you copy, for example, to a USB stick and can run from the latter on any computer.

If you TreeSize Free Portable starts as an administrator, you can calculate the size of all directories, including those to which it does not have access. The contents of the files will not be read, whereby the data protection is guaranteed.

  • Different views available
  • Support of network drives
  • Support of filters
  • No

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