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With the SSD Fresh Download you get yourself a program on your computer that analyzes your SSD hard drive and can perform various actions to optimize it and prolong its life.

Of the SSD Fresh Download analyze and optimize your hard disk by the program disables unnecessary services, turn off unnecessary writing processes and increases performance. Furthermore you the software displays information about your drive and lets you see the S.M.A.R.T. data.

SSD Fresh

SSD Fresh Download: The optimization measures in detail

The Windows defragmentation can be disabled by the SSD Fresh Download, since it is unnecessary to harmful SSD hard drives. can also be deactivated by the program to store the access time to files and prefetch. Since defragmenting the boot files on SSDs makes no sense, even this function by SSD Fresh can be turned off. The same applies to the Windows logging and storing short name through the system.

These measures unnecessary write accesses can be increased prevented, thus improving the durability of your SSD and also the performance of your system.

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