activate Spotify Crossfade – Here’s how

If you're used a seamless transition between the songs from the club or the then MP3 use, should use the so-called Crossfade feature on Spotify. As you can blend the songs on the PC and the app for Android and iOS, we show you below.

When DJs use the crossfader on the mixer, dazzle the one song slowly (fadeout) and type the following (FadeIn). Thus, the effect that the new beginning song merges seamlessly into the Ending arises. This crossfade mentioned effect also offer many media player - even with the Spotify app and the PC client crossfade is possible.


  • Enable crossfade on the PC
  • Crossfade in the app enable (Android & iOS)

Still other tips for Spotify is available in the following video:

237180Spotify Tips and Tricks

Enable Crossfade on Spotify Player (PC client)

  1. Starts the Spotify player on your PC.
  2. Click on the Menu icon (Down arrow) at the top right of your profile name.
  3. Then you click on the pop-up menu settings.
    Spotify Local Files Desktop Settings
  4. Scroll all the way down here down to the button Show Advanced Settings and click on it.
    Spotify Startup disable Advanced Settings
  5. Under reproduction will you now the option Crossfade Songs, activates it.
    Spotify Crossfade enable PC
  6. Now you can decide even with the slider, how long should last the crossfade between songs (0-12 seconds).
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Spotify: Crossfade in the app enable (Android & iOS)

  1.  Open the Spotify app on your smartphone (Android & iOS).
  2. Taps in the lower range Library and then click the Gear icon (Settings) at the top right.
    Spotify Settings app

    • Under iOS tapped her on now reproduction and scroll down to the crossfade settings.
    • at Android are the crossfade settings directly under the menu item reproduction.
  3. Now you can to slider set freely between 0 and 12 seconds.
    Spotify Crossfade Enable App Android iOS

Image: Jaymis Loveday, Spotify AB; Collage: GIGA

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