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Are you the two cards of ARK: Survival Evolved become too boring, you will find in the DLC Scorched Earth again a worthy challenge. The map is a desert with high temperatures and new, deadly creatures. In this guide to ARK: Survival Evolved we give you tips for surviving in the Scorched Earth.

In 6 new biomes travels around her to find water and avoid being eaten. The beginning in Scorched Earth is heavy and leaves again &Survival; # 8220&# 8221; seen in the game name. Ruins, geysers, ancient cave systems and canyons waiting for your discovery. However, before you explore the desert, you should our guide to ARK: Survival Evolved read. Below you will find useful tips the first free DLC obligations Scorched Earth.

Our tips for fast leveling with ARK:

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ARK &# 8211; Survival Evolved: Every beginning is difficult in Scorched Earth

Created her a new one for the new map of Scorched Earth Character, should several things to consider her. Activated before you start the game &# 8220; Show Map Player Location&# 8220 ;. So oriented ye better on the island by their looks at the map and see where your home is. Do you want to level up faster, you can set up the XP multiplier and Harvest Amount. So you get more resources and above all experience points for all actions. Here you also adjusts how quickly the night and the day shall pass. since the Desert nights very cold are, you should at your first game here further shift to the right the slider. The value Difficulty Level represents your difficulty represent. Thus, the Dino-level reduced. Provide it with the value to 1.0, they have a maximum level 150th

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Further information for the start of Scorched Earth:

  • The daytime plays a role. Will you find your way you once, we recommend the morning. Spawns you at night, it can be dangerous because their opponent does not recognize so quickly.
  • Overall, there are 12 spawn points, from which you can choose. Behind you can see the difficulty of the particular location. 1 South, South 3, Midlands 3 and 4 Midlands are suitable for beginners.
In this desert, it is difficult to survive.In this desert, it is difficult to survive.

through sand storms and extreme heat

The most important element in the desert Water. heat waves and sandstorms will want that kill you. Especially the latter are electrostatically charged and can cause serious damage to you with a flash. Your stamina decreases much faster and you can hardly see anything on the card as soon as you get into a sandstorm. Just before this, however, begins, you will receive a message from the game. After less than one minute, the sandstorm but already begins. also tames you a Jerboa. The small rabbit fox-like animal barking before a storm begins.

Unrated her in a sandstorm, you can see less and your needs fall faster.Unrated her in a sandstorm, you can see less and your needs fall faster.

Once you are spawned, you should first the check the time of day. Is it noon, you will probably kill the temperature quickly. Do not run over the map, but first looks carefully water. The following sources we have been able to account for:

  • Jug Bugs: These are bugs that store water in their bodies. Walks carefully up to her and presses the button indicated to drink the water. After that, the beetle must again seek water to replenish their stock for now.
  • Morellatops: This large dinosaur can carry 750 units of water. This makes it ideal as a mobile water station.
  • Cactus: Cacti also give you from water. Uses an ax to harvest them.

The best mods for your adventure in ARK in the overview

  • Watercourses: Water Veins recognizes her on the stones on the floor, which are arranged in a circle. These can also be used to counteract the dehydration. From this you can fill no water.
  • Fountain / Water Wells: Places them above water veins to save water here. However, you must be at least level 15 in order to produce the well. You will also need, inter alia, Cement paste for crafting.
  • oases: One of the biomes is an oasis. Here you can find small lakes, from which you can you fill water.

Look here Map tour over Scorched Earth by YouTuber Sovrez to:

For more tips on surviving on Scorched Earth

  • Pay attention necessarily to your Status symbols. At night you will face enormous cold. Is your character just before freezing, it needs more food essential to avoid it.
  • The extreme heat the day your hydrogenation reduces faster and lets your endurance fall harder. There is a heat wave and the character is on the verge of combustion, you should either water or looking for at least a shady spot to rest you.
  • there is a Sandstorm or one Heat wave do you need to fall even more water, your life energy and stamina. Cools you sure to remove it in order not to die.
  • Will also look for berries. enter was not much water, but it can save lives in some situations. Beware Stim Berries! They deprive the body of water. Narcoberries give you will not drain.
  • Invests strictly in attributes such as resistance (Fortitude). Thus increasing its your Resistance to weather conditions such as heat and cold. In addition, thus the torpor value increases.
  • Do you want to move into sand storms, you need some parts from Desert outfit. For example, the Desert goggles and hat.
The goggles can you see something more in sandstorms and protects you from the cold and heat.The goggles can you see something more in sandstorms and protects you from the cold and heat.

In the following tables you can see what materials it for Crafting the Desert outfits needed.

Required level30ark-survival-evolved-scorched-earth goggleCrafting materials
Engram points7survival-evolved-silicon beads ark-3x silicon beads
mass0.65ark-survival-evolved-scorched-earth-silk3x silk
durability4530px-Fiber6x fiber
production inWrought30px-Hide10x leather
requirementcloth Hatark-survival-evolved-weapon-crystal10x crystal

The goggles protect you though minimal injuries, but everything from heat and cold. In addition, you may know a little more in sandstorms.

Required level30ark-survival-evolved-scorched-earth-glovesCrafting materials
Engram points730px-Fiber4x fiber
mass0.65ark-survival-evolved-scorched-earth-silk8x silk
durability4530px-Hide10x leather
production inWrought
requirementcloth Gloves

The gloves bring you +5 protection from cold and +25 from heat.

Required level25ark-survival-evolved-scorched-earth-shirtCrafting materials
Engram points430px-Fiber8x fiber
mass0.75ark-survival-evolved-scorched-earth-silk12x silk
durability-30px-Hide20x leather
production inWrought
requirementcloth shirt

The shirt saves a little water. The new feature is called Water Retetion, so water storage. It is increased by 12 percent.

Required level25ark-survival-evolved-scorched-earth-hoseCrafting materials
Engram points530px-Fiber10x fiber
mass0.75ark-survival-evolved-scorched-earth-silk15x silk
durability4530px-Hide25x leather
production inWrought
requirementcloth Pants

The pants protects +8 from the cold and from heat +25.

Required level30ark-survival-evolved-scorched-earth shoesCrafting materials
Engram points730px-Fiber5x fiber
mass0.65ark-survival-evolved-scorched-earth-silk10x silk
durability4530px-Hide12x leather
production inWrought
requirementcloth Boots

The shoes protect you from Cold (+5) and away from heat (+28). silk get it only on the new map Scorched Earth. Carry her entire outfit, you are well protected from the weather. The entire outfit is also in green beacons to find.

Sources: (pictures) and Steam Guide by Exhumed

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