conquered How Xiaomi Europe: Attack on Samsung

As the undisputed king of smartphones, Samsung has to worry about his throne - at least so far. With Xiaomi But a manufacturer enters the European stage that offers innovative hardware at a bargain price. As the industry leader, responding to the new competition? 

conquered How Xiaomi Europe: Attack on SamsungSource: Xiaomi (Facebook)

While Xiaomi is represented in Europe for quite some time, the presence of the Chinese manufacturer has been limited but in Eastern Europe. Since yesterday, the ambitious group but also mixes in Western Europe: in Spain Xiaomi sold immediately selected smartphones and other gadgets from its own portfolio - at extremely attractive prices.

Strong price pressure for Samsung

So is available for 499 euros as the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2nd The second generation of Mi-mix family scores as its predecessor with an almost completely frameless 6-inch display, powerful hardware and excellent camera. In the test of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 smartphone could get a whopping 85 points.


Offering excellent value for money Xiaomi could become a strong competitor to Samsung. The South Koreans have been accustomed to offer less well-equipped smart phones at similar prices. Maybe Samsung has again turn down a bit in order to meet the increased competition by Xiaomi the price spiral in the medium term. The same should also apply to Huawei.

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Provides Samsung competitor to Germany?

In Spain the products of Xiaomi also through Amazon are available. In principle, therefore German customers could shop on the Spanish Amazon page and can be imported as Xiaomi smartphones in Germany - provided payment via credit card. Whether Xiaomi that way but really releases is unclear at the present time. When Xiaomi Mi A1 a delivery to Germany is about impossible.

Either way, the Chinese have done a further step in its international expansion with the launch in Spain. Samsung, Huawei and Co. will probably have to dress warmly in the future.

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