As simple as a Twitter name can be changed

Few people use Twitter under his name. And why? So simple we can change our Twitter name if we feel like it. Here is a quick explanation ...

As simple as a Twitter name can be changed

Before, I was once @kratze at Twitter. Later I found @vizepapst a time funny. But now I want to change my Twitter name and on this occasion I will show you no matter how it goes. Before we can change anything in our Twitter account name, profile picture, description, we have to log our course.

Change the Twitter name &# 8211; Step by step

In the first step &# 8211; after logging &# 8211; you see right above gear icon behind which hide the settings. Click it and the settings menu opens. Then you click Edit Profile.

we change the Twitter name in the settingswe change the Twitter name in the settings

In the profile settings we can adjust some basic parameters of the account. Among others, we can change the name. It also states that we should use our own name, so that we recognize friends.

In Twitter profile, the name can be changedIn Twitter profile, the name can be changed

After we changed the Twitter name and saved the whole, is the name on our side. And that's probably not what about half wanted those who have started this article. For now stands at the front, on our Twitter ID, though, that we Hans Glück or Klara apple juice hot, but the address on Twitter is still as before.

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Change the Twitter user name and URL

After the above statement, I'm still @vizepapst but hot Hans Glück. vice pope is also the part under which one can reach the side of the Twitter address. If I want to change that, then I have to change the Twitter username.

With the Twitter user name I change my addressWith the Twitter user name I change my address

This also I change the gear icon in the settings, select the menu but not edit profile but settings. There I find then the username. If I'm going to change this twitter name, my address is also the Twitter page will change! So if I there entries in a new name, it is checked in real time whether there is left. If I want to save the, earth, I asked for my password and then the Twitter name and address are changed!

When changing the Twitter name necessarily take into account!

If we change the username on Twitter, the address of our tweets changes! is then calculated from e.g. And there is no diversion. It is not so that every visitor will be redirected to the new address, if we change the user name.

If we change the Twitter name, the address is gone!If we change the Twitter name, the address is gone!

We reserve the followers. We get a new address and that we have to change at all important places. Such as websites or business cards. It is so easy to change his Twitter name. But the consequences are far-reaching.

For free twitter name

Maybe your desire name is already on Twitter. How can you create a Twitter name from your name, we show you in this video.
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