Why do they call New York “Big Apple”?

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Why do they call New York

The scene of New York is often called the "Big Apple". But where the name "Big Apple" for the US metropolis comes about?

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Why is New York "Big Apple"?

The Museum of the City of NY official answer to the question why the Big Apple is used for New York. For the first time the title was in the 1909 published book "The Wayfarer in New York *Why do they call New York "Big Apple"?" to read. Edward S. Martin quoted here residents of the Midwest in Kansas designating New York "Big Apple" as a greedy city that would collect much of the "national juice."

wayfarer-of-new-yorkA short time later, in the 1920s the term "Big Apple" as part of horse racing was recorded. Especially in New York, the equestrian sport was widespread and popular. Who emerged there as a winner, has won the "Big Apple", a high prize money won. The sportswriter John Fitzgerald from the New York Morning Telegraph used the term "around the Big Apple" to racecourses around New York to call. This concept of a journalist has taken over from the stable boy from New Orleans.

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Why do they call New York "Big Apple"?

  • The term "Big Apple" as a synonym for the east coast city has emerged in the 1920s.
  • At the time, New York was the capital of jazz music and gathered many famous and talented jazz musicians in one place.
  • In jazz musician slang the term "Big Apple" was sure to get the "big apples" from the tree, so durchzustarten as a jazz musician.

Since the 70s New York used the term "Big Apple" itself for marketing activities. In this way, should the city that previously had a rather dingy image, be upgraded.

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