Albion Online: 9 tips for the perfect game entry

Albion Online offers you a huge range of possibilities and we you nine tips for this. You start without clothing and equipment and place yourselves on a journey of commerce, trade and fisticuffs. Especially at the beginning you can put the building blocks your career and that's why we give you some helpful tips.

During your first steps in Albion Online you will only slightly by the hand. The gameplay of great freedom hovering over many things. You gain some short quests that teach you the basic mechanics and then you must yourself find a tactic for the big, wide world, or your own island. With our tips Albion Online, you should be well prepared for the first challenges.

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Tips to start in Albion Online

Albion Online, there is no level system, no experience points or talent trees. However, their actions on by free advances which seize you, take advantage of certain things or carry to. In the sandbox MMO is also very much revolves around crafting and degradation of resources. The individual commodities have eight different levels or tiers, further equipped with its own collector equipment sets sind.Welche Tips are for the individual aspects, learn it in our Albion Online Guide.

Albion Online TipsBefore you can carry armor, you have to work a lot.Start Photogallery(7 pictures)Albion Online: farms fame - So you get a lot of experience

Tips for crafting basics

The resources on animal one can reduce her with your bare hands. An exception is animal skins, because for this you need a skinner (skinning knife). So you can break down the first commodities directly. Then you tools which also have animal-step needed. Your always can degrade with the tools raw materials that are up to one tier level higher than your tools. So with a tool of the first stage you can break down the second maximum of raw materials. With a tool of stage two is a maximum of Tier Three items are correspondingly etc.

Albion Online TipsGrabs it and reaping the rewards in Albion Online.

You can customize yourself tools and equipment at the workbench. It will be a permanent focal point for you, yourself as you make your way through Albion. Trying best at the beginning so fast to achieve Tier three, as possible. From there, you have created a solid foundation and can safely dare you free and (reasonably) in the world.

Collect everything you can find her

This tip is perhaps not very new, but in Albion Online he is worth in the truest sense of the word, gold. You can every tree, every rock and every animal use for the collection of raw materials. Especially at the beginning of your journey you should also do so. the Shift key down to pick up multiple resources simultaneously. You can refine the raw materials later (and you have this too), where you need as much material as possible will. For objects of a certain stage, it requires the same level of resources. 

Albion Online TipsCollects, collects, collects!

It is therefore particularly important at the beginning to gain a lot, so you can meet all the requirements and you make a first impression of your career. In addition, you should quietly gather some resources in reserve. Even if you seek a different specialization, it can never hurt if you're as versatile as possible equipped.

Warrior, archer or mage yet?

Since Albion Online makes no direct requirements which class should play it, can simply change their your class in the game. Do you want to be a magician, creates a robe and a wand. If you no longer irritate the fireballs, you just get yourself an ax and a thick armor. Your character's abilities can you select when creating your equipment and thus tinker a skill set itself.

Albion Online TipsNo desire for a quiet life? Then adventurers will in Albion Online.

Success without a fight

If you want to become a fighter, Albion Online offers you the chance to work as a trader, farmer or large owners. Craft is still an important part of your work, but you can give to you as a trader a name by her buying up the markets and bring the raw materials to places where you can make a lot of profit. Here, you will help the that you can call her with the K key card. It shows you the region and a shield whose color indicates the level of danger in the area. As a dealer should you dangerous corners rather avoid, if you have no bodyguards there.

Albion Online Tips and TricksLife as a trader can also be dangerous.

The map shows you to continue that with what level can you find in the corresponding area raw materials. So you must not only examine the region, but can quickly decide whether a sale of your goods in the next town is worthwhile or not.

Chests in towns and market

In each city is a chest in which you can store your riches. These cases are not linked. In each city, thus it is an individual trunk to which you can not access it from other places. So if you dare you on a journey, you have to plan what you need along the way.

All information about the market in Albion Online!

The market is also limited to a city and thus the trade regulates itself. Observed the market in a city and indicate which resources are worth much here. Can you manage to acquire these raw materials in other places conveniently, can you make very good business and profits. You can also on the marketplace Buy tool that you can not produce itself.

The fate board

Instead of a talent tree you have the fate board in Albion Online. There, you see your progress and can see what you have to do more to unlock the next opportunities. Each stone, the edited her, every tree that her drops and any other action brings you forward. You do not shake hands without it does not pay after a certain time. Therefore, it is advisable to test everything at the beginning, so that you not only collects progress, but you can make your own profile you.

skill treeThis is the gigantic fate board in Albion Online.

There is no right Albion Online Guide for the fate board because you can just only to learn every action without restricting you. Only after you have met a certain number of actions in an area of ​​the fate of the board (for example, mining), you can use their tools and equipment a certain tier level. So keep an eye on what skills you can unlock the next and so is planning the next steps.

refine material

Refined materials get over her craft stations. There you can process materials to better objects which you need for the production of equipment. You always need material to a lower level in order to process high-quality raw materials. It is recommended that you always collects simpler raw materials and not disdain.

Nothing is forever

Even if ye could you set a few items and equipment. can you lose this quickly. It exists in many regions, the risk that you attack other players and take your goods and chattels in itself. Of course you can even become a scoundrel, but who would do that? It comes to PvP when you enter a red zone. There, you're not sure, but you are simultaneously a danger to others if it so wishes.

Tips to the zones in Albion Online

There are different zones in Albion Online. you can see on your map that they are divided into different colors. Depending on which color has a zone must, watch it more or less on your back. The differences we tell you in our guide:

Green areas:

  • initial area
  • Resources from stage 1-4
  • few dangerous monsters
  • no PvP
  • You can not die, but the equipment loses life when you will come down.

Yellow zones:

  • Resources from level 3-5 (even a few of the Level 6)
  • PvP possible
  • You can activate you for PvP, if ye do not want, you'll receive a buff that you protect against other players.
  • You can not die, but the equipment loses life when you will come down.

red zone

  • Resources from level 4-6
  • dangerous PvP
  • Dying her in a red zone, let her fall all the items that bear your character. Kill her another player, including all his things to you!

black areas

  • Resources from level 5-8
  • dangerous PvP
  • Dying her in a black zone, you lose all the items from your inventory and carrying your character.
  • no buffs for allies
  • no risk indicator
  • very dangerous monsters

This item is still under construction. We will update it with the time for you and are pleased with helpful suggestions in the comments.


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