explodes hoverboard: Are the e-boards insecure?

Again and again we read of exploding, high-quality equipment. General nor the battery drama is well remembered for the Galaxy around the Samsung Note 7 and the iPhone has experienced several explosions. In recent months, on the rise, it also reads again and again about the fact that a hoverboard had exploded.

From the US just the message reached us that an unexploded hoverboard was responsible for the death of a two year old girl. In most cases, these accidents are caused by an overheated battery. But Hoverboards are basically insecure and be seen as a "ticking time bomb" during charging?

Exploding batteries at Hoverboards are not uncommon

The e-boards are moved with battery-powered electric motors. In several cases, battery chargers overheated during charging, before they inflamed and exploded. Already the end of 2015 has been reported by several such cases. Also in Germany there is a similar case: In July 2016 hoverboard exploded in Cologne. A whole house was uninhabitable by the fire consequences. Mid-2016 called on the US Consumer Product Safety Commission more than 500,000 of such boards back - even here a concrete fire or explosion was detected. On YouTube there are numerous videos showing fire-catching self-balancing boards.

Partout is natural not every e-board at risk. Concerned above all very cheap devices that were poorly finished and use cheap manufactured batteries or battery chargers are. Experts recommend not to buy Hoverboards from unknown manufacturers and cheap, imported from Asia boards on eBay, Amazon and co. Their low price is often smears traced in safety standards. When in doubt, so you should resort to more expensive branded products.

explodes hoverboard: Are the e-boards insecure?

Are Hoverboards insecure?

After the large recall in the US security organization UL E boards took a closer look. Certified boards are classified as electrically safe and thus are not under suspicion, going up in flames during charging. The web portal of the organization can see through the input of the manufacturer or the product code whether a board has already been verified and certified. After the fire in Cologne firefighters advised also not to charge Hoverboards in homes - whether this is really a viable solution, is another question times.

In Germany, there will probably be fewer problems with exploding Hoverboards. But reason is not primarily an increased security standard, but rather the fact that on the current state Hoverboards must not be legally driven on public roads and paths. Until the authorities in this country, have created a solution similar to Segways, presumably legal minimum requirements are defined for the battery safety.

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