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With the Amazon icon you get comfortable using a button click on the home page of the online mail order company.

The online retailer Amazon is one among others in Germany's most visited websites. No wonder one finds in its range but a huge selection of articles; including books, electronics, movies, music, clothing and more. With the Amazon Icon you have the ability to easily transfer via button click on the website of shipment, without first entering its URL in the bar of your browser.

Amazon icon in the Firefox toolbar

Setting up the Amazon icon and use

The Amazon Icon comes here as an add-on for the Firefox browser. After you install this, please refer to the browser toolbar, an icon with the symbol of the famous mail-order company. Click this, open a new tab directly to the Amazon home page so that you are always in the future only one click away from browsing and shopping away on Amazon. Then the look in our Amazon voucher page worth once more.


fromMarvin Basse

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