adbLink (formerly adbFire) Download

By downloading adbLink (formerly adbFire) get her a tool that unlocks additional features and functionality for Amazon's set top box Amazon Fire TV.

adbLink was under the name previously adbFire known and is particularly suitable for hobbyists who want more out of Amazon Fire TV more.

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adbLink (adbFire): Download and install

With the use of adbLink (adbFire) about Screenshot can be created from the Fire TV screen via WLAN on Windows. Furthermore, additional applications can be installed on the Amazon device sideloaded APK. In particular, for the additional installation of Kodi or XBMC the use of adbLink (adbFire) is suitable. Thanks to the APK installer apps can be installed on Amazon Fire TV, which are not available for the device in Amazon-house App Store.


With the use of Kodi you can equip to a fully equipped media center Amazon Fire TV. As pictures, videos, music and other media content with Amazon Fire TV can not only be streamed over the Internet, but are transferred from the PC to the TV screen from their own home network.

adbLink (adbFire): install APK on Fire TV, set root

Experienced users can adbLink (adbFire) also use to equip Amazon Fire TV with a root. To connect adbLink (adbFire) with Amazon Fire TV, the program opens after the download. In the "Device address" you carry the IP address of the Fire TV. The IP address can identify her as follows:

  1. Calls on the settings of the Fire TV.
  2. Herein controls "System" section at.
  3. Gets the "Info" section.
  4. Here you can find the information on the "Network".
  5. In the "Network" you can read the Amazon Fire TV IP address.


On the website you will also find the developer adbLink (adbFire) as a download for Linux and Mac OS X. The adbLink (adbFire) download is free, who wants to be, however, continue to be supplied with updates and new features, can the designers of the program by PayPal leave a donation. An alternative to adbLink (adbFire) is the Amazon Fire TV Utility App.

With version 2 adbLink (adbFire) supports the FireTV 2 and Fire OS 5th

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