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Red Oaks Season 2 is now available in this country on Amazon Instant Video Online Stream. In early December then follow the synchronized German consequences of coming-of-age comedy series. With us you can find the exact dates, and we also tell you what you can expect story-technically with Red Oaks Season 2 (no spoilers).

Video: Launch trailer for Red Oaks Season 2


The coming-of-age series Red Oaks brought us last year a nostalgic trip back to the 80s. In the comedy from the pen of success-director Steven Soderberg, the spectators followed the trials and tribulations of the student David Meyers &# 8211; even if he could conquer his Flamme Skye during the first season, was actually realized that his journey is far from over. Almost exactly one year later, it is now ready: Red Oaks Season 2 starts in Germany.

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see Red Oaks Season 2 in stream online

Like the first season also runs Red Oaks Season 2 again with Amazon Prime. As this is a so-called Amazon original series, Red Oaks Season 2 is also Amazon exclusive. Say you get the Comedy exclusively on Amazon to see &# 8211; in the TV series will probably not run. Red Oaks is part of the video-on-demand service Amazon Prime Video &# 8211; with the subscription gets you access to numerous current series and movie highlights and documentaries. Prime Video also is a member of Amazon Prime subscription, so you have no additional costs take on you and can offer 30-day trial for free *Red Oaks Season 2 see legal online in Stream: Here it comes.

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see Red Oaks Season 2 in the stream in HD at Amazon

Red Oaks running since November 11th, 2016 the HD stream on Amazon &# 8211; but only in the original English version. Although we recommend that you pick up the original &# 8211; if you do not want that, but you can also view the snychronisierte German version. The Synchro is from December 9, 2016 be available.

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As with the first season there will be 10 episodes again in Red Oaks. The length is again equal, each episode takes about 30 minutes &# 8211; As usual, all episodes are available simultaneously, so you have to accept long waiting periods between episodes.

2Memorial Day
3Father&# 8217; s Day
4&# 8220; The Bris&# 8221;
5Independence Day
6Old Flames
7The Anniversary
8thLost and Found
9The Wedding
10The Verdict

As the story goes on in Red Oaks Season 2?

At the end of the first season, the artist missed and not-quite-but-almost-girlfriend Skye the student and temporary-tennis coach David a kiss and left him with the words &# 8220; Find me in Paris&# 8221; back. At the start of Red Oaks Season Two we see David as he followed her words, in the city of love. But the happiness does not last long: Skye's parents equip the newly minted couple a surprise visit and are not exactly thrilled the two to come together. Especially Getty, Skye's father and owner of the tennis clubs where David works, can not get used to the new lover of his daughter himself.

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So enough material for 10 exciting, funny and stressful consequences &# 8211; Red Oaks Season 2 runs now from Amazon Prime Video, available as of December 9, 2016, all episodes of the second season in German synchronization. Read also with us as to when you can see in the stream the other Amazon hit series The Man in the High Castle Season 2nd We show you also where her other series can see for free.

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