TK TK bonus program and bonus booklet – that brings it and so you get it

Those who live healthy and regularly goes to the doctor, can thus save money. With the TK Bonus Program technicians offers the possibility of health insurance that you can have to repay certain amounts every year you. We tell you the following guide how you can participate in the program you'll get as bonus booklet that you need it. 

TK TK bonus program and bonus booklet - that brings it and so you get itSource: Photo: Techniker Krankenkasse

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With the TK Bonus program and the associated bonus booklet you can receive a refund of money every year at the Techniker Krankenkasse. may voluntarily participate anyone who is insured with the TK and 18 years old. We tell you elsewhere also as you can provide a sick note online and where will their contact information and the TC.

So you sign up on the TK Bonus Program

You can always sign up for health insurance the bonus program the technician you. The application works directly on the website of TK *. Following you can download you the bonus booklet as PDF. The participation period of the bonus program always includes 12 months beginning on the first day of the month after registration. So if you would sign up in July you, the time would go from 1 August to 31 July of the following year.

TK Bonusheft doctorAlso screening and health check-ups count as action / photo:. Techniker KrankenkasseStart Photogallery(11 images)At these 10 signs her fake stores recognizes the Internet

Premiums as a bonus the Techniker Krankenkasse

A premium gets you already know if you finished three measures in one year. The measures include also some programs that you can conclude under the TK health coach. There are three stages where you get a total of either repaid up to 90 Euro or receive up to 250 euro TK-health dividend. Everyone you see here at a glance:

1. Reward Level (3 actions)2. Reward Level (6 measures)3. Reward Level (7 measures)
1 early measure or screeningan early measure or screeningan early measure or screening
a health course § 20 SGB Vtwo courses health according to § 20 SGB V
two arbitrary measuresfour arbitrary measuresfour arbitrary measures
30 euro payment or
50 EUR telecom Health Dividend
60 euro payment or
100 EUR TK-health dividend
90 euro payment or
250 EUR TK-health dividend
TK Bonusheft MarathonParticipating in a marathon can you do not get credit for the TK bonus booklet.

Recognized measures for TK Bonusheft

The TK divided the measures for the bonus program in four subcategories. Depending on which premium rate you seek, some measures are given, other can turn select their free:

1. Early detection and prevention

  • Skin cancer screening (every two years)
  • Early detection of cancer (breast cancer, colon cancer)
  • Health check-up (every two years)
  • dental care
  • Maternity services
  • Course for prenatal or postnatal exercises

Health course on the following topics according to § 20 SGB V

  • Move
  • Healthy eating or weight loss
  • Stress management or relaxation
  • Drug use

TK Health Coaching

  • Fitness or walking
  • nutrition
  • anti stress
  • Do not smoke

sport and health

  • vaccination
  • Active memberships (in sports club, gym or power / high school sports
  • Graduate from Sportabzeichnen
  • Qualified sports events (performance sport is excluded from it - a marathon for example, counts as a competitive sport)

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