Series Tips: 10 excellent TV series that you just do not guckst

About 400 new series and seasons start in 2015 in the US alone. This makes it official. The market is oversaturated and the spectators are overwhelmed. The series Jungle has become so thick that you constantly threatens to be lost in the lush network of mediocrity and disappointment to go. But help is at hand! We have beaten us to you through the undergrowth and cleared the way for a successful movie night. do not you start first with &# 8220; Limitless&# 8221; to, give the &# 8220; Bastard Executioner&# 8221; no chance to prevent the rebirth of &Heroes; # 8220&# 8221; and deletes the existence of &# 8220; Minority Report&# 8221; forever out of your mind. Here are 10 good series that can be more than excellent. 

Series Tips: 10 excellent TV series that you just do not guckst


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The Leftovers: Lost in well

Seek out any positive attribute and throw it a try towards &# 8220;The Leftovers&# 8220 ;. It may be the case with high probability. Fascinating, complex, touching, interesting, exciting, unpredictable &# 8211; this series deserves absolutely a larger audience. Unfortunately, the HBO prestige project ships currently still under the radar of most viewers. This is unfortunate and must change urgently. Not least also because Season 2 has risen high again and beautifully shows how much potential still lies dormant here. Who needs Label: &# 8220; The Leftovers&# 8221; is &Lost; # 8220&# 8221; in well.

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The Missing: Where is Ollie?

With &# 8220;The Missing&# 8221; put BBC One down one of the highlights of the last series year. In a total of eight episodes, the British TV series tells the disturbing story of a child abduction with an unprecedented intensity. Tony, Emily and her five year old son Ollie make during the football World Cup of 2006 holiday in France. When Tony turns away for a moment, the boy is suddenly gone. There are no traces. Neither is detectable a violent crime, yet there are signs of an accident. Eight years later, be completely destroyed father still looking for him. If he finds it, which makes the disappearance of a loved one with the survivors' ends, as we are told in 2015 a really good detective story and how to produce a season finale for eternity, one can in &# 8220; The Missing&# 8221; experience. Season two is coming. With a new case.

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The Affair: change of perspective

That Showtime this extraordinary series has ever funded, is almost a small miracle. After all, let us &# 8220;The Affair&# 8221; an eternity in the dark about what is actually being told here. Although sex and crime are always waiting in the wings, but the showrunner Hagai Levi and Sarah Treem still pursue another plan. It's about a gender perspective change. to present a closed world instead of us wakes &# 8220; The Affair&# 8221; Doubt and sow discord. And both between the brilliant acting protagonists Ruth Wilson and Dominic West, and among the spectators. An exciting experiment with an open end. Currently in season. 2

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The Knick: History for cutting

Yes, it's a medical drama and yes, it's about history. Sounds like a deal breaker? I also first thought. Nevertheless, it is the major Hollywood muffle Steven Soderbergh somehow managed to keep me in line. Reason for this may be the smart list of series that do good to connect with timeless themes such as racism, class struggle and drug addiction historical substance. And even though medical history on paper about as seductive sounds like a colonoscopy, unfolds in the end &# 8220;The Knick&# 8221; but then a great pull. Who is skeptical should give at least the first episode times. Which begins with a caesarean section. And saw in 1901 still very different.

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're The Worst: The Next-Gen sitcom

And it comes just yet. Was about to be the subject &# 8220; good sitcoms&# 8221; write off once and for all, here comes that damn bitch of series drunk staggering around the corner. With &# 8220;'re The Worst&# 8221; FX submitted to us a seductively naughty offering that should definitely take all comedy surfeited. The series distances himself just far enough from the laws of romantic comedy to make the genre again edible. And that's not all. sets midway through the second season &# 8220;'re The Worst&# 8221; a hard emergency stop switches back and I do not mind you anything the genre. Drama suddenly then reads the motto and the great thing is:&# 8221;'re The Worst&# 8221; it is also pretty good.

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The Last Kingdom: The gap filler

If you like bloody swords and historical sex, which is currently looking into the tube. &# 8220; Game of Thrones&# 8221; is in hibernation and the &# 8220; Viking&# 8221; are somehow&# 8230; so what actually&# 8230; in any case, we do not see that. How well &# 8220;The Last Kingdom&# 8220 ;, the eight part BBC adaptation of the historical novels of Bernard Cornwell is actually, unfortunately we can not tell you too. What we can tell you is that all Fantasy and Medieval nerds out there, celebrating the thing straight. And because the international criticism of the superior quality of this series is united, has &# 8220; The Last Kingdom&# 8221; fought for a place on our list.

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American Crime: The Unpleasant

The topics in &# 8220;American Crime&# 8221; are addressed, are not for a relaxing evening series. Feet you have elsewhere. When produced by ABC series must be thought along, sympathized and mitgelitten. If you succeed in that, then you get a very ambitious exceptional series whose perspective wealth sometimes even the wildest moments of &# 8220; The Wire&# 8221; remind. Here is actually wrestled nor a gain in knowledge on the subject of racism.

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Unbreakable Kimmy Smith: The Putzige

Actually Kimmy had everything you need to hit. Witty, sympathetic, imaginative and well tempered the comedy Schnuckelchen joked despite a consistently high level of nonsense by the first season. arrived really the comedy series is still nowhere. Why is it we can honestly not say. At Kimmy did not. Please see for yourself. &# 8220;Unbreakable Kimmy Smith&# 8221; is very Hihi and sometimes even real Haha.

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Master of None: For early risers

In the current hype surrounding &# 8220; Jones Marvel's Jessica&# 8221; running the started last week Netflix series &# 8220;Master of None&# 8221; Unfortunately danger completely perish. That would be stupid. The series is in fact pretty good. At least if one takes the series pilot and the mutually surpassed with praise reviews in the international press as a valuation basis. Actor-comedian Aziz Ansari was from &# 8220; Parks and Recreation&# 8221; freed and was opened to new horizons. The outcome is a series that played all the themes of the neurotic late-twenties our time so confident and clever that &# 8220; Master of None&# 8221; is already being traded by some as THE series a whole generation. And now you are gehooked, right?

1843Master of None


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Show Me A Hero: For hard workers

about &# 8220;Show Me A Hero&# 8221; you can talk. Not in the sense of a party small talk about George R. R. Martin's questionable work ethic, but talk really. The series with the promotional label &# 8220; From the &# 8220; The Wire&-Macher; # 8221&# 8221; demands a lot, rewards its viewers at the end but with the portrait of a man who did not understand, but can only be interpreted. This is extraordinary and will remain long after the end of the series in the viewer. Not get me wrong: &# 8220;&# 8221; Show Me A Hero&# 8221; is properly working. After all, it comes to local politics, institutional racism and a true story. But hard work is well known, is worth quite often. This is such a case.

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