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The Miiverse thing of the past. With an impressive gesture Nintendo thanked now among longtime fans.

What could you do everything in Miiverse, this trailer reveals:

1346Miiverse - Trailer

2012 Miiverse, a social network for Wii U launched player, where swapped tips, games discussed and funny pictures were painted. With the launch of the Nintendo switch and the increasing irrelevance of the Wii U, this service has now been set.

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On the last day of the Miiverse numerous players posteten affectionate farewell messages that they have created with the internal time tool. Now Also Nintendo took the floor and thanked the longtime fans. On closer examination of the image, but a special detail is striking.

Source: NintendoSource: Nintendo

Nintendo Thanksgiving is a mosaic of the thousands of images that has been sent by the community on the last day. As it were proof that the company has really each individual actually seen and valued. You also have to leave such a drawing on the last day of the Miiverse? Perhaps you find yourself even in the gigantic mosaic again!