AUX input – for what and how do I use it?

The term "auxiliary input" is based on the English word "auxiliary" (German: "helping") - a fitting name, since it helps to amplify audio signals. This input is part of amplifiers and various other equipment for further processing of audio signals. As different are the sources, which you can connect it to the input to increase volume. This is to many devices that play music and other audio content, such as Spotify. This article shows you what and how you can use the AUX connection.

AUX input - for what and how do I use it?

AUX input - which devices can I connect?

An auxiliary input is including in many audio amplifiers, mixers and radio equipment. The device that has the AUX input is to allow a higher volume and better sound quality of the audio signal. This may among other things, PCs, mobile phones, DVD players, CD players, and (also) act radios. These sources must have an analog audio output. Frequently, these are either a very small Miniklinken- or RCA output - more on this in the next section.

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What cable do I need?

In order to connect the devices mentioned by auxiliary input and output, of course, you need the proper cable. Both the input and the output is often present as Miniklinken- or RCA variant. A mini-jack connector is very small as mentioned and is, for example, in many cell phones as headphone and AUX output. The RCA version consists of two jacks, often a red, the other white. These are found frequently among others in audio amplifiers and DVD players. Click on the following button to see available cable types. They can also give you information about which sockets have their own stuff. All of the following cables are available for less than 10 euros.

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With the right cable nothing is the enhanced listening pleasure actually in the way.


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