WhatsApp SIM card: buy benefits, costs and where?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps at all and can be found on almost any smartphone again. Even minor scandals and Rumore around privacy and security WhatsApp can not affect the popularity. After the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook, the makers now take one more step.

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With WhatsApp SIM card there are now in collaboration with E-Plus a new tariff that will delight WhatsApp Friends particular, but otherwise brings an interesting offer for smartphone users with it.

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WhatsApp SIM card: what appending free - forever (almost)

With WhatsApp SIM card has a prepaid rate in cooperation between WhatsAppWhatsApp SIM card: buy benefits, costs and where? and E-Plus. The trick here is that you WhatsApp can use permanently free, even without that balance is on the prepaid card. So there is WhatsApp for free, after one-time purchase and activation of the SIM card even a lifetime. Who the SIM card will call his own, have to pay you 10 €. 10 € initial credit are here equal to contain. The SIM card there (normal micro and) as a combined SIM and nano-SIM.

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The cost of WhatsApp SIM prepaid tariff

  • Starter Package: 10 €
  • No monthly fee
  • No minimum sales
  • No HIDE bond
  • 25 € bonus on number portability
  • Data rate: 7.2 Mbit / s

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WhatsApp for SIM card you can also book 600 option, the WhatsAll. This costs 10 € and offers you 30 days:

  • 600 MB Surf Flat or
  • phone 600 minutes
  • or 600 SMS

The individual components can recombine their monthly. The data high-speed ligt at 42 Mbit / s. Are the 600 SMS / MB / minute up, costs each additional unit 9 cents, you can surf for free until the end of the month. Even without WhatsAll 600 WhatsApp uses her free.

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What is good for the tariff of the WhatsApp SIM card?

The sending of data, videos and photos of WhatsApp is generally free with the SIM. Consumed their 1GB, the data speed is throttled to GPRS.

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Who wants to be smart with you on holiday and do not want to give up contact with his friends via chat there, too, can for the holiday month WhatsApp Roaming SIM book to do so.


Here you are several packages available, eg. B:

  • WhatsApp SIM EU language package 100: 100 minutes calls for 4.99 € / 7 days
  • WhatsApp SIM EU Internet Package 100: 100 MB for 4.99 € / 7 days

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Roaming costs with WhatsApp SIM

Do you use the SIM WhatsApp abroad should retain their following roaming charges in mind:

  • Prices for calls (from other EU countries to Germany): 9 cents / minute
  • Rates for incoming calls (other EU countries): free
  • Depending SMS: 7 cents

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Although you can use permanently free with the SIM card WhatsApp, but also that SIM is disabled when you have a longer time charged no credit. Respects therefore regularly to when the last charge was held in order to avoid an unnecessary barrier. Charging the WhatsApp SIM card works online or through Guthabenbons, analogous to other prepaid providers. However, E-Plus reserves the right to terminate prepaid cards as they are used exclusively for the service and not charged within six months. The prepaid rate of WhatsApp SIM can be managed through an app in the Play Store.

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  • WhatsApp SIM card: buy benefits, costs and where?
  • WhatsApp SIM card: buy benefits, costs and where?
  • WhatsApp SIM card: buy benefits, costs and where?
  • WhatsApp SIM card: buy benefits, costs and where?
  • WhatsApp SIM card: buy benefits, costs and where?

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