Weeb TV: Free movies and series streaming online: Can you mean?

Weeb TV is one of the most famous Polish streaming provider. On the side you can watch the latest movies and series, users have uploaded previously - to pay something in many cases, for free and without it. Here, of course, raises the question of whether this is permitted at all. And what happens if you get caught when watching TV Weeb? We clarify.

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Streaming movies and series is gaining in popularity and is now a real competitor for the classic TV. In addition to the fee-based providers such as Netflix or Amazon Video *Weeb TV: Free movies and series streaming online: Can you mean? can be found on the net number of pages where the content is offered completely free of charge. In this country, rather unknown, but very popular in Poland is the page Weeb TV. Similar to Kinox.to, users can watch movies, and series there - some of which are free or the entire site with paid premium account.

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Weeb TV: Stream movies and series - Is that legal?

The legal situation of portals like Weeb TV is somewhat ambiguous, not for nothing is here often speaks of the legal gray area. Uploading and distribution of films and series is first course only once banned, as it constitutes a violation of copyright. but many users of Weeb TV invite not even high, but the films look just as consumers of. On the safe side we are therefore but still not, because the data is temporarily stored in the cache of the hard disk when streaming. That is, there is one - if only temporary - a copy of the copyrighted work created.

Weeb TV Product ImagePicture: Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley

Whether one makes himself guilty, is among experts but still controversial: So far, the right to private copy was always mentioned, but the European Court of Justice in 2017 ruled in a new ruling that the reputation of illegal content such as the current series and films of copyright infringement represents. That means that in the future you can no longer rely on only the portal operator is drawn (in this case Weeb TV) accountable to you. Whether there will be warnings in a big way in the future remains to be seen - with the judgment, the risk for users but increased significantly, according to experts.

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Weeb TV: Watch TVN, Polsat, TVP2 abroad

Many users of Weeb TV look at the portal not only movies, but also Polish stations such as TVN and Polsat. This is not legal, in Poland you go but assume that customer do not get in trouble with the law. For the operators of Weeb TV that looks different: In the past there was always trouble with the authorities, in 2013 the site was even temporarily banned from Google's search results.

weeb TVOn TV Weeb numerous Polish series will be offered in the stream. Image: Screenshot / Weeb TV

That there ever copyright infringements committed, is really no question - ironically Weeb TV even offers a premium membership that allows users to view the latest illegal streams for a monthly fee. Probably not for nothing that the two brothers from Szczecin who run the site have made arrangements for the real thing: The company is registered in Cyprus, the page itself on the Pacific island of Tuvalu - both not necessarily sites that are known for their rigorous handling mains pirates are.

Ultimately, any users of sites like Weeb TV should be clear that the reputation of copyrighted material without paying anything for it, is not allowed - regardless of how high is the risk of being actually caught. To what extent the new EU jurisdiction will change the situation is not yet in sight at the moment. but we advise in any case to legal alternatives such as Amazon Video, Netflix or the Sky ticket if you want to look at you new episodes and movies.

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