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With The Division Ubisoft sends his own Destiny to the current Konsolengenrationen of PS4 and Xbox One and PC. In the ravaged by an epidemic New York you are an agent, attempting to prevent the crash of the company and restore order and peace.

Video: The Division - Our preliminary test
166447The Division: Our preliminary test

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The Division: Fight against anarchy

The consequences of man-made virus have made a battleground New York. The inhabitants are ill and within five days of any infrastructure came in the metropolis to a standstill. Scarcity of food and the lack of resources create chaos and threaten to destroy the social structures completely.

The Division: Beginner Tips and Guide for the perfect start in Manhattan

But there is hope in the form of agents association The Division, in the abandoned New York to try the remaining population as much as possible to help and restore order. However, the bandits and contaminated parts of the city make zunehmends difficult. As a new agent you will in this scenario thrown and tries to make your part along with other players.
Video: The Division Trailer
31910The Division launch trailer

Atmospheric team shooter in Manhattan

In The Division manages its your personalized agent from the third-person view, and smite you in the competitive Manhattan from cover to cover. These coverages are sorely needed, because a lot of shelling have not kept her out and need your steps therefore plan well.

Gallery The Division: screenshots

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Of course, this works best in conjunction with other players agents. The Division relies on a large-scale multiplayer experience such as about Destiny. Each mission can you share with friends or other players dispute and work out common tactics, flanking enemies and launch surprise attacks.

The Division: All skills, talents and perks in detail

The completion of missions will give you experience points, new equipment and in-game currency with which you your agents on forms and makes stronger. But attention shall also as co-haters come up fun, you can watch the story about the epidemic in New York but also experience alone and have to compromise on anything.

Dark Zone as a unique feature

A particularly interesting element in The Division provides the Dark zone . This contaminated area in the heart of the city holds special loot and equipment for exploration joyful looters ready. However, here are other players and groups traveling who attack you at any time and can steal your belongings.

The Division: published official system requirements

As ye behave in the Dark Zone is up to you. Are you going to the ruthless raiders or help her other agents? It's up to you. The Dark Zone here has their own level system and its own currency. Thus, it is detached from the rest of the game, which is why multiplayer muffle fear of reprisal here.

The Division: Release and platforms

The Division appears at March 8, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


The Division: The editions and pre-order bonuses at a glance

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