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EaseUS Partition Recovery can recover accidentally deleted hard disk partitions.

It reaches a power failure or a too fast fingers and even a partition is damaged or deleted. If you then due to lack of partitioning can no longer access its hard drive, the problems are great. Actually everything is still there. Metaphorically, the pages, but the story is still somewhere missing from the book.


EaseUS Partition Recovery can recover lost partitions!EaseUS Partition Recovery can recover lost partitions!

In such a case, it is good if you can recover a partition and it is this task to solve the freeware program EaseUS Partition Recovery. It dominates partitions in FAT, NTFS, Ext2, and Ext3 and works with all current versions of Windows. With a little luck to the rescue of a partition with this tool only one thing less clicks. Provided however, that at least can still boot into Windows on the corresponding PC!

Because only then can EaseUS Partition Recovery also start and can be scanned with the help of sophisticated scanning functions on all connected drives for lost partitions. All available drives are displayed &# 8211; regardless of whether they have a partition or not. And then the tool searches for any recoverable partitions. In most cases, it works very well and we can revert to our data follow immediately.

By the way, the program also includes a feature for data recovery. Which, although limited to 1 GB in your performance, but can be a quick help if you have accidentally deleted data.


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