Samsung Gear Fit 2 in the test: Something between fitness bracelet and watch

Fitness Tracker, there are now abound - nevertheless, Samsung now already casting for the second time in the highly competitive market. Compared to its predecessor, the Gear Fit 2 but has a distinct advantage: It also works with other Android smartphones, not only with those from our own. That's great because the Fit 2 is so much more than just a mundane pedometer.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 in the test: Something between fitness bracelet and watchConclusion: I had over the years been many fitness tracker on the wrist, in which I have sooner rather than later lost interest. The Samsung Gear Fit 2 is the first one I actually still active use after several weeks. That may well be because Samsung could not quite decide the concept, if the thing now count calories, or at least to receive notifications - actually makes it both very passable, but also brings the weaknesses of both concepts with them. Who wants to tighten no big clunker around the wrist, for the 199-euro Gear Fit 2 nevertheless quite a good SmartWatch alternative.

Simple and comfortable to wearCertain workouts (e.g., weight training) will not be recognized and can not be recorded manually.
An easily operable AMOLED touch screen with vibrant colorsMust be recharged every two days
Automatic activity detection and Sleep tracking work very wellSprachaus- and especially ENTRY missing
Smartphone can stay at home during sports: GPS tracking, music streaming via BT headphones, all the data also on displayBrightness is automatically controlled and even maximum is outside partially dark
Notifications work perfectly and with any app

Best on

Many fitness trackers suffer the same fate over time: you will not or only irregularly synchronized with the smartphone. One day you take them off before showering or going to sleep and places it no longer following. At a clean-up, they end up in the electrical charge and stay there for a long time are. Fitness Tracker among those devices that convince many people, but see no motivation is to use them in the long run. Here, manufacturers must offer something new and unique, they want to make money in the future with that thing. Samsung pursues a very interesting and correct approach to the Gear Fit second

Design: spacey, yet not too intrusive

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 falls on! In a positive way. At the largest point it is 2.4 cm wide and just 1 cm thick. This is not just small, not least because of the materials and the curved shape but can they, unlike many other smartwatches and fitness trackers wear very comfortable - in my opinion perhaps the most important criterion of wearables. Eventually land those who press on the wrist or interfere usually in a corner and perform there no more purpose. Even while sleeping, I could let the Gear Fit 2 by the arm without it would have disturbed me. This of course is a prerequisite if you want to use the sleep-tracking function.

Samsung Gear Fit2_4 The Gear Fit 2 is in the colors blue, black and pink and available in sizes Small and Large. The bracelet is structured externally and internally grooved so that the Gear Fit 2 stays in place even while exercising. The tracker is mostly made of plastic, the bracelet made of rubber. He has an overall-quality and simple impression, but can not very well with business outfits combine. The display is 1.5 inches tall. It can be proven with many different pre-installed or Samsung app store available Watch Faces. Thanks to AMOLED technology provides rich colors and perfect contrast and viewing angles. Unfortunately, the brightness is not adjusted automatically and even if this is set to the maximum, it is outside sometimes difficult to see anything on the screen.

Samsung Gear Fit2_5

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Very intuitive operation

Samsung Gear Fit2_14To cope with the Gear Fit 2 have to read any instructions, the operation has been understood in a flash: Using the two buttons on the side you get a step back and immediately on the Start screen and from there to the main menu. The remaining navigation functions via swipe gestures on the touch screen - although this is very small, it works surprisingly well. Even short texts or passwords can be entered easily. If you try the Gear Fit 2 However, during exercise with sweaty hands to use, this often does not respond or goes crazy - a bit inconvenient at a fitness tracker. What, however, is working perfectly the automatic wake-up when you turn the wrist and thus the clock itself.

gear-fit 2-activate

A huge advantage over the Gear Fit 1 is that you now can not connect with Samungs devices, but with every Android phone and use the successor. In theory at least: On my OnePlus X, I could not install from Play Store as they will allegedly not supported by my device the required Gear App. A little tip: download APK, then it works. This workaround is cumbersome, then the Gear Fit 2 is but unhesitatingly recognized and can be synchronized via Samsung's S Health app. Speaking of synchronization: While many trackers in transmitting the fitness data make problems and take control the vertical synchronization part forever with the smartphone, this works perfectly with the Gear Fit 2: Basically, all data can be seen also on the watch itself. If you want to transfer them to the smartphone anyway, this happens in a matter of seconds via Bluetooth. In S Health these are then shown very clearly. About Samsung Gear App you can meanwhile install apps and widgets on your watch, rearrange them, make settings that vibrate Gear Fit, if they are not actually find and transfer music - more on that later.

Samsung Gear Fit-2-Screen5 Samsung Gear Fit-2-Screen4

Steps, floors, sleep and pulse - Calorie counting prefer self

Samsung Gear Fit2_11Typical of a fitness tracker counts the Gear Fit 2 steps crested floors, calories and continuous measurements to determine the pulse by light sensors on the wrist. The recording of steps and floors works pretty accurate. I wore two other Fitness Tracker during my tests (Huawei Talk Volume 2 and Misfit Ray): On average, the Gear Fit 2 slightly indicated more steps than the competition. On a test track of me mitgezählten 100 steps but these were accurately detected by the tracker. For motivation, you can subscribe or S Health in a step leaderboard to compete with friends. If you strapped the tracker tightly enough on the wrist, it also provides plausible pulse values ​​- without this having checked with a second heart rate monitor. Curiously, the automatic pulse measurement always triggers only Ruhzustand. Recognizes the Gear Fit 2 against the fact that one pursues an activity such as running, cycling, etc., the pulse is ignored. Only when you start an activity manually, the device measures again at regular intervals the heart rate. However, this does not turn curiously for the modes "rowing machine" and "another workout."

Samsung Gear Fit2_8 Otherwise, you can let the record workouts running, walking, hiking, cycling, stair climbers, exercise bikes, Elipsentrainer, treadmill, lunges, sit-ups, squats, pilates and yoga with the Gear Fit second Many of these activities are as mentioned automatically recognized - then you fired the watch regularly with a to "business as usual". If you select "lunges", "squat" or "sit-ups" you will even run by a character on the display through the exercises - for sit-ups you have to fold over his chest as his arms, so that the tracker detects the number of repetitions correctly. Complete workout programs can be transferred "Workout Trainer" to the clock on the available Samsung App Store. For this, the Gear Fit 2 but all the time be coupled to the smartphone - because there anyway also exercises and execution time are displayed, the concept in some scenarios is not quite as useful.

Samsung Gear Fit-2-Screen1

Complete without smartphone to get on the other hand made in a running session thanks to the clock verbautem GPS, the distance can be measured directly and the route even be displayed on a small card. And what about music? You have to transfer 2, the possibility of tracks from your smartphone directly to the Gear Fit - 4 GB of memory available for this purpose. The SmartWatch can you connect and play over your playlist again with your Bluetooth headphones. In our test, it worked flawlessly. According to Samsung is even its own Spotify app for the Gear Fit 2 is available - but this seems to have been temporarily removed from the Play Store again. We have in this regard in demand at Samsung, but no one could give us information today. Anyone who has ever owned a fitness tracker, perhaps now already think that the Gear Fit 2 is as useless to record many activities apart from walking or running, such as wearables competitors. Pretty much any strength training - whether functional floor exercises or workouts with machines or free weights - is recognized by the automatic just as "light activity". The actual calorie consumption can thus at the end of the day are 500-1000 calories higher than indicated. I decide for manual recording to at least activate the Pulse, I have to classify as yoga or Pilates Strength Training for lack of alternatives. By the way: a swimming training can not be recorded with the Gear Fit 2, although it is even waterproof to IP68 standard.

gear-fit 2-tracking

the sleep recording works very well. The Gear Fit 2 has automatically detected at me almost to the minute the sleep and wake-up times. A nocturnal toilet transition is ignored and not registered as a wax phase. In S Health sleep is divided into "restless", "light" and "immobile". In my opinion, far too optimistic, the app determines that your Sleep Efficiency: My always hovers around 90 percent, whether I feel really relaxed me in the morning or stoned. After waking up the Gear Fit asks at least to assess the sleep from 1 to 5 stars. At regular intervals, the pulse also is measured during sleep. What the user can finally do with all this information, it was not really meant by Samsung over. There are no tips for better sleep, nor can be set pulse and sleep behavior in relation to so may infer nightmares. A sleep phase alarm clock that will bring you only in light sleep from his dreams is not available - the alarm clock app can wake you only at a fixed time by vibration.

Samsung Gear Fit-2-screen6 Samsung Gear Fit2_9

A smart fitness tracker or a smart watch fittest

A fitness tracker can still nestle as comfortable and unobtrusive to the wrist and collect every day new step, pulse and sleep data - after the initial euphoria all the gadgets previously used by me this kind and the data provided by them have me no longer interested. They landed sometime forever in mentioned drawer or were simply not charged because they had given me no added value in everyday life. This added value but, the Samsung Gear Fit 2 makes me still wear after several weeks. Because Samsung has draufgepackt a small selection of SmartWatch features that make the tracker interesting for non-fitness enthusiasts.

Samsung Gear Fit2_17

The Gear Fit 2 can receive each installed on the smartphone app notifications. It must therefore not be paired forcibly via Bluetooth, which indeed mostly sucks on mobile phone battery. The Gear itself can be connected thanks to WiFi connectivity with any wireless network and displays so messages via WhatsApp, Facebook and co. And in this you can even respond directly via the clock (own) text templates or emoji. Too bad: The Gear Fit 2 has neither speaker nor the microphone - otherwise you could listen to a received WhatsApp voice message and answer without getting the phone out of his pocket. Also texts by voice are not possible: From this fact a logical second drawback results. That would have been an extremely handy feature. Nevertheless, the direct notification by light vibration on the wrist is practical and even longer mails I read lately more and more often on the small but very well-read display.

gear-fit 2-whatsapp

Finally, a few words about battery performance: In the Gear Fit 2, a 200 mAh battery is installed, according to Samsung this is to keep under normal use 3-4 days. For me it has never managed in different usage scenarios for more than two days and a few hours of the tracker. The Gear about half of the time was linked by smartphone and much of the other half connected to the WLAN. GPS I had it almost never in use. Runners who regularly use GPS tracking, probably heading for an even shorter period. the Gear Fit 2 is charged using the included charging dock. The back connects magnetically to the contacts. A complete charge cycle takes about 1 1/2 hours.

Samsung Gear Fit2_15

Conclusion for Samsung Gear Fit 2

Positive can be summed up: Samsung has combined the sleek design of a fitness tracker with practical functions of a watch. On the other side could argue that the Gear Fit 2 neither perfectly meets the requirements for the one nor to the other one - that but Samsung should they not have designed. Just people who are looking for a self-sufficient fitness tracker that makes even without Smartphone sense or where a smart watch is too big and clunky, can it also make compromising its functionality should take a closer look at the Samsung Gear Fit 2, definitely. A bargain is not a recommended retail price of 199 Euros though.

Product Score for Samsung Gear Fit 2Samsung Gear Fit 2 in the test: Something between fitness bracelet and watch

  • Processing, feel and design: 4/5
  • Comfort: 4.5
  • Operation: 5/5
  • Observations: 3/5
  • related software: 3/5
  • Functionality: 4/5
  • Battery: 2.5

Rating: 71%

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