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A look at the player profiles in FIFA 18 reveals some shortcuts. Mostly they relate to the particular position that can play football. Have you no idea of ​​concepts such as LV, RF or ZDM can be found in this article help of the abbreviations of FIFA.

On a soccer field, each player has his own role &# 8211; FIFA 18 is no different. Although you can also put into midfield a goalkeeper in principle, but that will bring you nothing. also depend on the specific positions attributes which have the players. A defender is defensive and thus has no offensive attributes, for example, a striker must have.

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We open packs and then play a game in FIFA 18:

11902FIFA 18: Pack Opening with Christoph and Sandro

FIFA 18: All abbreviations for positions of FIFA

Each player in FIFA 17 has an optimal Position, in which he can play. His attributes fit to her. Sets her a player in another position, you can significant disadvantages arise. These relate primarily to the chemistry in the team. It decreases when some players do not play in the predetermined position. In addition, you risk to to lose, because the attributes do not fit.

You still looking for good strikers for your team? Then you look here times around:

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In the table below you will find all the abbreviations for possible positions in FIFA. We also have the English abbreviations Add if you listening the game in another language. Not every position is occupied with a game, which is why it finds on the following chart for more than eleven positions. FIFA-17 Abbreviations

IVCenter backCB
RIV / LIVLeft / Right Center BackRCB / LCB
ZDMcentral, defensive midfielderCDM
ZMcentral midfieldCM
ZOMcentral, attacking midfielderCAM
RB / LBRight / left-backRB / LB
RAV / LAVRight / left-backWARC / LWF
RM / LMright / left midfieldRM / LM
RF / LFright / left wingRW / LW
RA / LARight Wing / Left WingRF / LF
RS / LSright / left strikersRS / LS

Closes her from the story of Alex Hunter with all decisions and objectives, awaits you at the end of the card from him. So you have a great striker for your team. Next to him you should you still pick out a good defense and strong midfielder. Seeks its still the best formations and line-ups in FIFA 18? Again, we can help you. There is the perfect line-up, but can you find out well with a little practice for each player. Are you playing rather aggressively with flanks? Then the Formation 3-4-4 something for you. Also 4-3-3 should work. While her but working on your individual statements, you can even perform individual adjustments and redistribute with triangular or Y players. Pays attention every time the chemistry in the team to shine later in the field.