Conan Exiles: healing Corruption – How it works

The map of Conan Exiles is huge &# 8211; and so you can discover all sorts. Are you asking for example, some caves or even to explore the mysterious city in the middle of the map will get you quickly corruption. How can you heal the influence, we tell you in this short tip.

The dark magic prevails throughout Conan Exiles. It is the reason why are you running off guard in your ruin as soon as you enter the central nameless city. But even in caves and ravines can you attain corruption. Once you are exposed to the dark magic, you see the top left of the screen the lettering &# 8220;Corruption is increasing&# 8221; and you know already that you are impaired. The corruption can be cured quickly but &# 8211; But you need slaves. We tell you below how their hires in the Conan Exiles.

in the video &# 8211; so you build in Conan Exiles:

30269Conan Exiles: Build in the World of Conan

Conan Exiles: So can heal her your Corruption

You are spoiled once, you will be the in your Health and endurance bar appears at the top left. Because then fades your maximum performance with the Regeneration. Is a piece of the two beams purple, you know that the corruption has struck. Now if you, for example, short stops, because you want your stamina regenerate, it will do not heal 100 percent, but only until the beginning of the affected corruption.

For iron and coal in Conan Exiles and build iron reinforcements


Your corruption you will only get rid of, if ye slaves anschafft. Here are mainly the dancer advantageous. Put them on and just watch them go ahead. Once you are in the vicinity, your Corruption is healed quickly. If it is a Artist in stage 3, He can heal the corruption faster than it is produced. So you should on your travels is always a Dancers in inventory have and position it in hazardous locations.

In the nameless city - or also called City of Corruption - you meet not only tough monsters.In the nameless city &# 8211; called or city of Corruption also &# 8211; you will meet not only tough monsters.

Find out for impairment

The corruption can only a maximum of 50 percent of your health and stamina Block. but especially in endurance, it is annoying. So do not forget the dancers on your travels! Here you get corruption:

  • caves and gorges
  • godless city downtown
  • huge and strong opponent
Even in a cave you are not immune to dark magic.Even in a cave you are not immune to dark magic.

So you will meet strong opponents, can you in the vicinity suffer from corruption. In the lower levels you will meet them but hardly. For some players, it helped to eat a steak before entering the city or a cave. This regeneration could slow somewhat the infestation of corruption.


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