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Especially for images, there are many different image formats. Raw data will be saved as a RAW. A common format used with RAW images used is DNG ( 'Digital Negative'). This is an open archive format for raw data from digi and smartphones cams. However, as you can now open a file in DNG format?

The DNG file format comes from Adobe and is widely used. Here image information is stored without any loss of quality. In addition, DNG images often space-saving as RAW image files in alternative formats such as CR2 or NEF. Raw files are ideal for post-processing, about to correct the exposure, adjust the sharpness or incorporate noise filter.

DNG format: The Benefits

shutterstock_363707411DNG is based on the TIFF standard. In addition to the actual image DNG files contain further information about the image, including the metadata about the camera used and meta tags or keywords. The advantages of images in DNG format:

  • Lossless compression, characterized lower memory requirements while maintaining image quality.
  • Extensive selection of tools that support DNG.
  • Support for Photoshop.
  • With a lossy compression files can be reduced by up to 60 percent with a slight loss of quality.
  • Archiving security through comprehensive, long-term support of the format.
  • Uniform processing of raw data of various camera models.
  • Working out your own meta data.
  • Open archive format.
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open DNG format and: how it works

With Photoshop and Co. RAW files from NEF, CR2 and Co. can also convert the DNG format. The conversion can be done simply by selecting the appropriate format in the "Save As".

Gallery Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter

  • (Figure 4.1):download-adobe-camera-raw-and-dng-converter-screenshot
  • (Figure 2.4):download-adobe-camera-raw-and-dng-converter-screenshot-2
  • (Figure 3.4):adobe-camera-raw-and-dng-converter
  • (Figure 4.4):adobe-camera-raw-and-dng-converter-2

Do you want to edit the raw data from a digital camera to the computer, you need an additional program. For this, such is suitable. As Adobe's own DNG Converter. DNG files can then be open with many image editing tools, including Lightroom, Photoshop, ACDSee Pro or Windows own photo programs. Even with the free Image Tools IrfanView and GIMP there are files with the file extension DNG be opened.

With us you also learn how to reduce JPEG images. In addition, you learn with us what it looks like with the RAW photography at the smartphone.

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