Star Wars 8: Who is Rose (Kelly Marie Tran)?

In mid-April, it finally happened: The first trailer for "Star Wars: Episode VIII" was presented. In addition to pictures of Luke and Rey there was also the first appearance of a new face in the Star Wars series. Played by actress Kelly Marie Tran, Rose gets a prominent appearance in the new Star Wars movie.

But who is this rose? What she did during the reign of the Empire and whose side it stands?

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Who is Rose, the new Star Wars?

Much is known about the new character of course not yet known. In the new Star Wars trailer the lady darted briefly through the image. As part of the Star Wars Celebration in April rose was first introduced in "The Last Jedi" panel.

  • Rose works on the part of the resistance. but she's not a soldier.
  • There she is responsible for the supply of various technical installations.
  • The director Rian Johnson already revealed that Rose will play a role in development with Finn. In which direction the whole thing will go, however, is not known.
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Johnson also mentioned that Rose "is the largest new part in the film, played funny enough, at the same time from the smallest actress." In addition, Johnson Rose describes as "Everywoman", ie as the average woman. Just as with Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy, one wants to clarify the role that "everyone" (or "Every woman") has the makings of a hero.

Although not much about the role of Rose in: is known, the first fans have already closed Kelly Marie Tran in her heart "Star Wars Episode VIII":

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Star Wars 8: And who is Kelly Marie Tran?

Also, the CV of the actress Rose, Kelly Marie Tran, reads far more inconspicuous. Tran played so far only a few supporting roles and in short films. She was also as a comedian in the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" - to see the show. Mainly took Kelly Marie Tran funny roles, as well as in various web videos as for "CollegeHumor".

how her acting history is taken up in the new Star Wars movie remains to be seen. Until there is clarity about the role of Rose, we have to be patient. "Star Wars: Episode VIII" running in Germany on December 14 in theaters.


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