On eBay UK shop and order: Then you have to pay

On eBay UK shop and order &# 8211; in times when the British pound is threatening to decline due to the Brexits, certainly for many people an attractive idea. But how does it work? And what do you know when you want to order items on eBay UK *. All information about worry-free online shopping in the UK you will find in this guide.

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155361How does eBay?

The United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum does not only politically for excitement, but also influences the purchasing behavior of people: Since the pound given the exit of Britain from the EU is currently undergoing a devaluation, the option for British merchants over the Internet order to the moment for German customers again very attractive. Besides Amazon UK especially eBay UK this country is known &# 8211; We show you what you have to look out for if you want to shop on eBay Uk in the United Kingdom and order.

eBay UK Screenshotshopping on eBay Uk &# 8211; with the current exchange rate of the pound an attractive idea.

On eBay Uk shop and order &# 8211; Then you have to pay

Also German customers can order * on eBay Uk, but it is important to note a few things, if want to order online their products from England.

  • You need a separate account on eBay UK &# 8211; the German eBay login can not be easily transferred.
  • Not all merchants represented at eBay Uk send automatically to Germany.
  • Partially covered high delivery fees for shipping the goods from the UK.
  • Your PayPal account can use for eBay UK it.

If you let not deter you from the delivery charges or the article as is significantly cheaper in this country, it may be worthwhile in any case, to order from eBay UK, especially as the rate for the pound sterling in the near future will tend to be more likely to still fall , Before you can offer, but you must first create an English eBay account. We show you step by step how to do it.

Create eBay Uk AccountTo order on eBay Uk, you must first create you own account.

Create account for Britain: eBay UK &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

To be able to buy, offer and purchase on eBay Uk, a separate account for eBay UK is required &# 8211; your German access you can not just take over like that. So you created the eBay login for England:

  1. Calls to the home of eBay Uk and click the top left of registers.
  2. Give up your data (e-mail address, password, etc.) in the provided fields and confirms register.
  3. Then you have to enter an English Shipping Address: If you know anyone, you can either invent an address or you choose an address in the UK in Google Maps and Co..
  4. When you're done, you log in you one with your data on eBay Uk.
Tip: Do not worry &# 8211; the delivery address can change their later. You need them for single application.

Ebay AG Product Image

Change shipping address for eBay UK; Shipped from UK

After the initial registration you should the eBay UK account to add a new primary address Songs &# 8211; and that your &# 8220; real&# 8221; Address in Germany. This tells the seller of Gr├čbritannien where to send the article on successful bid. so goes&# 8217; s:

  1. Logs you move the mouse cursor over your name in the top left and then click the drop-down menu, click Account settings (account settings).
  2. Then clicking in the left column on the menu item Addresses and directly click View (View all addresses) all postal addresses.
  3. In the lower field you wear now your correct shipping address in Germany &# 8211; then marks the check box Make this my default delivery address (as the new default Address button and) stores the address followed by clicking on Add New Address. (Add new address).

England UK

Tip: Even if you ensure the fact that eBay UK have your German address, you should clarify before bidding always with the respective seller whether this really sent to Germany. Despite &# 8220; Worldwide Shipping &# 8221; supply many British retailers from experience not to Germany &# 8211; if you make yourselves time clever, admits of her possible misunderstandings in advance. To be on the safe side, you should the seller also again your delivery address in a personal message.

Thus the ordering and shopping at eBay UK should not stand in the way. Lest with us also and how you can find out the Ebay average price.

Image sources screenshots: ebay.co.uk, Photocreo Michal Bednarek


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