pursue soccer Euro 2016 in Radio: All 51 matches of the European Championship live

Who (only) do not want to follow on television the 51 games of the upcoming European Football Championship and still wants to miss a goal, you can also track all the games of Euro 2016 on the radio. Recently, it was confirmed that all European Championship matches will be broadcast live and for free online radio at Sport1.fm.

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Sport1.fm already transmitting now live from the stadiums in the Bundesliga and Champions League. Football fans can then look forward to in June and July on the acoustic monitoring of international matches from Germany, Spain, England and Co..

To online radio*

European Football Championship in 2016 on the radio at Sport1.fm

Sport1 logoSport1 has secured at the European Football Association "Union of European Football Associations," the UEFA, the corresponding audio rights package.

  • Sport1.fm transmits all 51 games of the European Championship.
  • The opening match will take place on June 10 held the final on 10 July.
  • All other dates can be found in the EM program.
  • Access to Sport1.fm there in the browser on the PC and Mac.
  • With the right app you can watch the live games at the online radio on Android phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad to track.
  • The reception of the European Championship matches on the radio is possible from Germany or a German IP. Elsewhere, we show you how to track the EM abroad.
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European Football Championship 2016 in Radio: All 51 matches live

All live matches of the European Football Championship can be called up individually on the radio at Sport1.fm. The matches on the final day of group matches, which will be held in parallel are transferred to the conference online radio.


If you want to know what games ARD and ZDF show, throw a look into the EM-TV plan. In addition to the public broadcasters also Sat.1 will report live from the Euro 2016 on television. There is to see live in the coming months also selected games of the Copa America.

Who typed the European Championship winners correctly, can for a month for free train travel. All information on the "winner BahnCard" there with us. We also have the Euro 2016 winner quotas and help you have to complete your Panini Euro 2016 scrapbook.

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