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To create your own map at Google Maps is a somewhat hidden and often underestimated function. Whether you plan a city trip, want to remember the addresses of your favorite restaurants or you want to share tips to bars and shops with your friends: The &My Maps; # 8220&# 8221; -Feature Google Maps can be an extremely helpful guide. In this guide we show you how you can create your own maps and routes with Google Maps.

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What create a map in Google Maps?

The MyMaps feature of Google Maps can be used in many scenarios. If you traveled to a city, so you can create a map in which her one surpasses all destinations that will you definitely consult. Of course you can also share with your fellow travelers and these Invite to edit the map. The map So everyone can enter their own goals at different levels if you want to not do everything together.

Also you can use a separate card as a reminder, where your favorite restaurants or hide summarized shops and bars that you found. The cards can you then share with friends or publish it on a website, if you want to express, for example, for certain shops recommendations. So you have to fail to save each address individually and have all targets on a map.

Besides individual points you can also draw routes and so, for example, enter a very quick trip distance or draw and recommend beautiful cycling and walking routes.

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Create a Google Maps map: Step-by-Step Guide

To use the MyMaps feature and be able to create your own cards and store, you need a Google Account. To create a new card, you go as follows:

  1. Create Google Maps MyMapsMake your way with your browser on Google Maps and logs you a with your Google Account.
  2. Now click on the menu icon (top left) and select the item from My Places.
  3. My Places menu you click on the tab cards and then click Create a map.
  4. Now you end up in the map editor and can map your first give an appropriate name, putting her on Untitled map (top left) clicks.
  5. then give the search box the desired address or the name of the target, which want to add your card here.
  6. If Google has found the target point, you just click Add to map.
    Create Google Maps Add to Card
  7. Can now fill her your card with any number of places, addresses, and goals.


To disconnect, for example, activities of stores, you can target points also give different colors by clicking on the paint bucket next to the target and you select a suitable color. Also you can create multiple levels to distinguish different targets from one another and can hide.

MyMaps level and color

Create routes and points: Google Maps map

Below the search box you will find an icon menu: Here can you individual points on the map Mark and individually labeled (Pin) and the distance between two points can draw (ruler). Of course you can also auto, pedestrian and bicycle routes Draw Record (arrow icon) (Waypoint Icon) and distances.

Create Google Maps routes and distances

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