Memento in the stream: watch the thrilling Nolan thriller online

If you ask the audiences for the best films of the past 25 years, is always called "Memento". Writer-director Christopher Nolan has delivered in 2000 with the film a successful movie that never goes out of style. Where have you can watch the stream Memento online, we tell you here.

In November 2015, the news for excitement provided that they plan a remake of the Christopher Nolan film "Memento". Perhaps one expects this to build on the success of the original. "Memento" was not only a financial success, the film also scooped numerous awards.

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"Memento": This is what

The former insurance agent Leonard Shelby lost his memory by a tragic event. His last memory is the image of his dead wife. Everything he experienced at present, he can remember only a few minutes. Therefore, he has developed an ingenious system: He writes notes can, tattooing and makes Polaroids. His goal is to find the murderer of his wife.

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"Memento" is not a film with a linear narrative structure. Who wants to follow and the movie to the end understand the need to concentrate a little. Finally, there are two narrative strands. In the one we learn the story that will tell the film. In the other we move back in time. Once you understand the narrative, once more questions arise on. Because chronologically's nothing here. Showing events whose history is not known. So you can empathize Leonards state of mind.

Basically, "Memento" a film in which it pays to see him again and again. Because you will always find new answers to open questions.

Memento in the stream: Here you can watch her movie

Various streaming services have "Memento" with him in the offer. Who wants to see as part of its subscriptions, which can do the following providers:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon *Memento in the stream: watch the thrilling Nolan thriller online
  • Max cathedrals *Memento in the stream: watch the thrilling Nolan thriller online

Otherwise, you can also buy the film. This goes for:

  • Amazon
  • maxdome
  • iTunes *Memento in the stream: watch the thrilling Nolan thriller online

"Memento": Instrumentation

role nameactor
LeonardGuy Pierce
NatalieCarrie-Anne Moss
Teddy, John Edward GammellJoe Pantoliano
BurtMarc Boone Junior
waiterRuss Fega
Leonard's WifeJorja Fox
Sammy JankisStephen Tobolowsky


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