Star Citizen – Beginner Guide: Tips and Tricks for the space epic

Although Star Citizen is not even finished and is only available in Alpha, there is now already a large following. It grows almost daily. Specific actions for which you get people play for free, let the players grow again. Do you have any questions about Star Citizen? Then read our Beginner Guide.

The universe of Star Citizen continues to grow. The donation amount increases and thus the number of players in space. Now Star Citizen is but a typical online game that you initially does not tell you how it works. The key assignment can be stressful for newcomers of the genre. In this Beginner Guide We give you short Tips and Tricks the universe of Star Citizen.

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Star Citizen: tips and tricks for beginners guide

Before you can play, you need a first account for Star Citizen. This guide will explain to you the beginnings of gambling. It namely does not begin with a major battle in the universe, but with a registration under To become a real star citizens, do you need different IDs. These are:

  • Username: This name will not appear in the game, but is only used to log you on the website and in the game.
  • Community Monicker: This nickname can repeatedly be forgiven. In the official chat forum he appears. He also appears in the game.
  • handle: This is a unique name or call sign. Have people given the same nickname, they can be distinguished by the handle. It also determines the URL to your profile.

Have you been playing a friend that Star Citizen, it can cause you a code that you as a starting balance 5000 UEC receive.

For beginners Star Citizen can without a guide to be pretty complicatedFor beginners Star Citizen can without a guide to be pretty complicated

Star Citizen Guide: What you need to know before playing

Before you throw yourselves into the space adventure, there are several things to consider. In order to play Star Citizen, you have to donate. It's called Pledge on the side of the developer Roberts Space Industries (RSI). There are three different starter donation packages. your &# 8220;buys&# 8221; Star Citizen so not really, but donates your money. The reason is that Star Citizen is still a crowdfunding project. Are you also aware of before buying, that it is even very early version of the final game is. It can thus still errors and problems.

Even the keyboard layout can discourage beginners in the online spaceEven the keyboard layout can discourage beginners in the online space

Do you want a few extras such as more credits game or new skins for your ship? On the website of RSI, there are a number of extras that you can buy with real money. Also check out the system requirements for Star Citizen in order to know whether the performance of your PC is sufficient. You can equal all Game Packages to buy. Here's a starter spaceship is included. Look at the technical details of the various ships and consider in which direction shall ye developed in Star Citizen. Do you want one WeltraumPirat or are more likely than dealer earn your money?

more Tips and Tricks, her note should pre-game:

  • you no longer like your boat or you've clicked together for you? Look at My RSI and then My hangar to turn your ship back into credits.
  • Your a must package buy to play the game. Do you buy only one ship, you still have no access to Star Citizen.
  • Will save their money, you should pay in US dollars. The exchange rate is currently better than the conversion from RSI in euros.
  • now invites you to Launcher down. He is about 30 GB. Have you started it, you must login to you again and you can then download the entire game and later play from here.
Do you want to know the flight basics, you should look at you the Arena Commander closerDo you want to know the flight basics, you should look at you the Arena Commander closer

Beginner Guide: The first flight through the universe

Start the game and clicks later on hangar. Here you can now look around you and you with the keyboard Layout familiarize. If she does not suit you, you can also change it. Seek out now a Elevator, around you to beam to different planets. Embark to you port Olisar, because here is your ship. arrived here now does the following:

  1. Leave your room and makes you familiar with the area.
  2. Looking for a console. Around the planet hologram are some terminals that can use it.
  3. Selects your ship and mark you, on which pad it is.
  4. Uses the labels on doors and walls to get to this Landepad.
  5. Here you can see now already your ship. Goes up close; Use once appears, press F, to enter.
  6. With R move your ship forward and with W give her gas.
  7. Expresses her now B shows some planets and other places on your head-up display (HUD).
  8. now moves the tip of your ship in the direction of the place to want to drive her and presses the middle mouse button or your mouse wheel.
  9. Now you have the Quantum Drive enabled and flies automatically to this location.

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