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UMPlayer is a powerful freeware that can play all audio and video formats. The program is quite an alternative and competition for the VLC Media Player!

Particularly with regard to the control of UMPlayer download is superior to the widely used VLC player. Important setting options you have not only looking at endless nested menus. Anyone looking for a good player, in which he has to worry about codecs and file formats, which is well served with UMPlayer! And also for the cinema experience on the PC, the program is suitable. Finally, it also supports subtitles and a search for subtitles.

UMPlayer features

In the first place the features in UMPlayer is the ability to call to be able to play just about any format video and audio files. And even when the input sources, the program is not picky. It plays individual files but also entire folders. Of course, the tool is also suitable as a player for DVDs and Blu-ray. It also dominates the streaming movies or shoutcasts on the URL. In addition, the open source software, which gives it the way also for the Mac and for Linux, all major formats of subtitle files supported.

UMPlayerUMPlayer plays all video and sound formats

The complete German-language program recognizes the locale for the installation and then sets the correct language. So no one has problems coping with the sometimes extensive options menu. It is nice that regular users cope immediately with the UMPlayer, but also experts find all possible ways to adjust the playback. It is also pleased that the UMPlayer playlists not only supported, but can also save playlists in the formats PLS or M3U.

Another feature will be pleased those particularly who store their DVD collection on the PC or media disks. The UMPlayer can in fact play not only folders to sound files, but also DVD folder. So, if it is the individual VOB files that the program of the series will play for.

Theoretically (and could) seeking the player also Youtube videos and play them directly. but that does not always work again because YouTube by configuration changes defends against it again and again. So if it works, always depends on who has just in the lead.

Note: During the installation of UMPlayer equates all media links so that videos and audio files are associated with it. That can deselect or more precisely specify if you want the program might try only times. We can use the format assignments at any time under Options &# 8211; Settings (Ctrl + P) &# 8211; change file types later.


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