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PARSHIP is one of the largest single portals in Germany. If you do not belong to the singles who fall in love or "every 11 minutes" you found online your love luck, you can delete it your PARSHIP profile. How this works, learn it in our guide.

Elsewhere, we show you how to terminate its premium membership PARSHIP.

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PARSHIP: Delete profile - Link Removal

Deleting the free profile at PARSHIP is possible with a few clicks. Thats how it works:

  1. Login you with your login information in a PARSHIP.
  2. Click the top right of "Profile".
  3. Let you here the "data & Show settings.
  4. In the "Profile Status" we find the "Manage Profile" option.
  5. Here is a link to delete the PARSHIP profile.
  6. Confirms the message "Do you really want to delete your profile?" With your password.
  7. In this way the PARSHIP account is now permanently deleted.


her your profile will not have to delete mandatory as a base member. the account a long time remains inactive, the account is no longer displayed. Parship themselves regularly checked the stock to screen out inactive members.

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Delete parship Profile: Step by Step

The situation is different if you have a paid premium access at PARSHIP. Before the profile can permanently delete, membership must first be terminated.

parship profile loeschen-2

  • The notice must be in writing and in good time.
  • After the termination of premium access you have to wait until the end of the notice period.
  • With notice, however, the account is not deleted.
  • Rather, you have to proceed as described above and delete your account.
  • All settings, images and contacts found and messages are permanently removed this way.
  • It may be possible to terminate the PARSHIP profile prematurely or temporarily shut down the account. In such cases, you should Vedas directly to the PARSHIP support.

Of course you can also pick log in again for free PARSHIP after deleting *PARSHIP: Delete profile.

PARSHIP: Free Join*

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