Destiny: Necrochasm get in year 3 version (with video)

The last event in Destiny awaits you with the age of triumph. A good reason to be reviving your guns in a new light. This includes Necrochasm that gets a version for the year third So you can get this exotic automatic rifle, you've got to get the shell of the pit. It offers you the Quest &# 8220; The crux of darkness&# 8221; and we show you how you can come to the new Necrochasm.

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We tell you in this guide a complete walkthrough for the quest of Necrochasm year So can save their time and come quickly to the exotic automatic rifle 3. The Necrochasm is a new Urkundenbuch be obtainable as a new activation which her up Light Level 400 can increase. However, the drop probability is random, so you could take several attempts.

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Necrochasm year 3 Quest Walkthrough: covering the pit

Before her the actual Quest &# 8220; The crux of darkness&# 8221; gets, you must advance the Casing of the pit Find. Although the drop of Necorchasm is random, it is not very rare, fortunately, that is enough motivation should be given to make the effort for this good weapon. First you have to followers of crowd kill to make it a white engram drop. We encourage you to ogres to seek, as they wear the jacket more often with him.

get Necrochasm year 3The Necrochasm in year 3 can be improved up to a light level 400th

Do you want to farm the engram fast, then we recommend you the Mission &# 8220; Shrine of Oryx&# 8221; or Strike &Shadowrobbers; # 8220&# 8221;. With these tasks you have a good chance to Oger hold true. However, you should note that Three different versions are the exotic automatic rifle. For the year 3 version, however, this has no effect. Have you found a casing of the pit, the exotic quest begins &# 8220; The crux of darkness&# 8221;.

The crux of darkness &# 8211; Quest Walkthrough for Necrochasm year 3

Have you started the quest line, you can expect the first task &# 8220; spawn of pit&# 8221;. Here you have the weapon in the Eidolon allies (n) turn. For this, you have the Cannibalism Extra consider and certain opponents do. These are witches, knights and serfs with a red health bar. This means that the charging of the casing of the pit not in heroic opponents is working. The more enemies you done, the more the circle around the extra fills green. If this is done, the weapon will turn.

Destiny Necrochasm year 3 WalkthroughYou have to turn the casing of the pit in Eidolon ally.

The next step you can expect the task &# 8220; The knowledge of the speaker&# 8221;. In this case you have to move you to the tower and start a conversation with the speaker. For that you get directly 25 light particles and the third part of the quest starts. You must now be Eris Morn, thus the Quest &# 8220; The crux of darkness&# 8221; enters your quest log. Here are your tasks:

  • Crossing the chasm in the raid Crotas end.
  • Kill Crota in Crotas end.
  • Kill Omnigul in &# 8220; The will of Crota&-Strike; #. 8221

It is very important at this point that you end up with a Crotas Light Level 390 starts. Do ye do not, you can watch the Necrochasm Quest not pursue. Seek out so a few companions and place yourselves to Crota to ram him a sword in the belly. Omnigul may, however, be defeated on any difficulty. Once you have completed all three tasks, it returns to Eris Morn and they will give you the Essence of the Oversoul give.

get Destiny Necrochasm year 3Finally! The essence of the Oversoul Yours!

This valuable item you now the Necrochasm can unlock (3 year). but thinks important to remember that you previously fully level up Eidolon ally need. This should have prepared her before activation.

Necrochasm year 3: Quest in video

Since the tasks for the Necrochasm year 3 are quite available with a variety, we present you the video of the YouTubers Ziro.TV before which presents you the quest in moving pictures. in the workload eventually include a raid, Strikes, missions and so on. Here's the video instructions for exotic automatic rifle in Destiny:

What are your experiences with the Quest history? If you still have more tips to Necrochasm year 3, then likes to write us know in the comments.

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