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Risen 2: Dark Waters

After the brilliant RPG "Risen", the German development studio Piranha Bytes has announced the successor. The nameless hero of the first part is back. This time, with no memory gaps and in a completely new game world. The memories of the past time have let the warhorse travel to the distant port city of Caldera.

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Risen 2: Dark Waters &# 8211; Back to the roots

The setting is reflected in Risen 2: Dark Waters the illustrious Pirate Age again. In addition to the completely new atmosphere, there are also some innovations in the gameplay. Thus, the player is able to strike not only with side arms for the first time, but also get firearms in hand. In keeping with the pirate atmosphere up.

And anyway, the developers have made to eradicate the weaknesses of its predecessor. So the games world is falling significantly greater than in the first "Risen" from. But do not worry: With boats it is possible between different islands back and forth to travel without going to the digital feet to run sore. If you believe Piranha Bytes is the environment much more realistic and fail-to-date in graphic terms.

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Risen 2: Dark Waters &# 8211; By pirates and Titans

A big point, if not the largest in an RPG, the story and the depth. So the story is peppered with extensive choices, which in turn draw the appropriate consequences. In addition to numerous side quests, the motion capture is the role-play technology at the best, which is provide authentic facial expressions and thus for big emotions.

The first "Risen" has the players tied around 50 hours, here it could be a few hours of game play more in view of the larger game world and the far-reaching story. As it turned out, Piranha Bytes and Deep Silver have met this promise and summarily delivered an extensive RPG.

Risen 2: Dark WatersSword fights are an essential part of Risen 2: Dark Waters.

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